Fall is Upon Us (or Arrived, if You’re in my House)

I could be embarrassed with how long it has taken me to write a blog post since my last article went up, but honestly, it's for good reason. It's no secret that I'm a working Mama. I recently accepted a very generous promotion, but with a promotion comes more responsibility. Sometimes this means I work … Continue reading Fall is Upon Us (or Arrived, if You’re in my House)

Operation Organization

I call this an Operation because it really is with me. I am Type-A, there's no doubt about that. But my organization is not the clean, put together type. I think you can call it... organized chaos, really. I've always been the type of person that never stops moving. But that doesn't mean I really get things … Continue reading Operation Organization

Maternity Leave: OVER and OUT

Every parent talks about how "time just flies by." Or, "You blink and they're grown up." Yes, it's true and it's been said to death. You get it. But DAAAAANG. When you have two kids (or more) and your maternity leave life revolves around feeding (nursing the little or snacks/lunch/dinner for the eldest), changing butts … Continue reading Maternity Leave: OVER and OUT

Evvie+Me: Farmhouse Inspired Decor

Whoever said DIY would be easy was obviously joking or being very, very sarcastic. But oh... my... word! The pride that comes with something hand made after spending hours working through it is worth every cramp and muscle knot. And what's better? Being able to offer your family and friends something custom for their very … Continue reading Evvie+Me: Farmhouse Inspired Decor

One of “those” days…

As a parent, you often have to make tough choices. How to discipline your child, where to send them to school, what sippy cup to pack in their lunch to make sure it'll actually be consumed (you better believe that's a real tough choice for a toddler parent), and the list goes on. But one … Continue reading One of “those” days…

Icemageddon: Staying Busy

Y'all, there are so many memes circulating my Newsfeed this morning mocking St. Louisans for their inability to handle any sort of precipitation forecast. I have to be honest, though... we can't. I made a point this morning to leave early with the baby to beat the incoming rain/sleet/ice. I am glad I did because … Continue reading Icemageddon: Staying Busy

Tips for a Nursing, Working Mama from One 10 Months In

Let me preface this post with an assurance that this is not going to be a "breast is best" or "breastfeeding over bottle feeding/formula" post. It's not. Everyone is entitled to their opinions -- it's the sole decision of the mother and father to determine the best way to ensure your child has the nutrients … Continue reading Tips for a Nursing, Working Mama from One 10 Months In

A Little Red, White and BLUE Action

Happy (belated) Fourth of July, y'all! A three-day (plus half-day Friday) weekend but it still seems like I blinked and it was over. We had a great weekend getting things done while still having a little fun despite the dreary Saint Louis weather. Let's start with Friday. Friday we bought a car. Yep, sounds very … Continue reading A Little Red, White and BLUE Action


That's quite the word, huh? I've been so inspired by the entrepreneurs surrounding me that I decided to join them. C.D.'s brother went straight from school into opening his own chiropractic clinic in Tennessee. After pouring his heart and soul into the business, he's since expanded into many different medical wellness operations, all proving to be … Continue reading Entrepreneurialism

Would YOU Pretty Please Shop from Me?

**Update: C.D. thinks my little shop idea is a great idea and is on board with investing in a Cricut or Silhouette (now I'm torn on which to buy)! Keep checking in to see progress on my creations. I'm SO EXCITED!** I've been slacking at getting my post up this week, but it's for good … Continue reading Would YOU Pretty Please Shop from Me?