Celebrating the Flowers in our Lives

It seems like just about every conversation I start with friends, family, coworkers and clients as of late begins the same way, "I am just so busy (or stressed or swamped)!" I am 100% a contributor to the vocalized stress conversations. But it seems like everyone I know is stuck in this rut of running … Continue reading Celebrating the Flowers in our Lives

Loving All Moms: Stay-at-Home and Working

You cannot join a single Mommy Group page without at least two to three instances a day (and sometimes an hour) of mommy-bashing in relation to this singular topic: to work or to stay home. I often find myself pitying the poor Moms who are simply reaching out for advice on this topic, only to … Continue reading Loving All Moms: Stay-at-Home and Working

I don’t need anything: Gifts for the men in your life

Every year I have the same conversation over... and over... and over with my husband (and Dad... and brother-in-laws... and father-in-law...): "Christmas is nearing. Is there anything you've had your eye on this year?" "Nope." "Really? Not a single thing?" "No. I'm good." "Seriously, just one idea?" "Let me think on it." (Also known as, … Continue reading I don’t need anything: Gifts for the men in your life

One of “those” days…

As a parent, you often have to make tough choices. How to discipline your child, where to send them to school, what sippy cup to pack in their lunch to make sure it'll actually be consumed (you better believe that's a real tough choice for a toddler parent), and the list goes on. But one … Continue reading One of “those” days…

Thanksgiving Toast to Motherhood

On the Eve of Thanksgiving, a time not long ago that was spent out at the bars getting hammered in celebration of a few days off, I'd like to offer a special toast of thanks to the life of a Mother. Every day I find time to smile and celebrate the beautiful parts of being … Continue reading Thanksgiving Toast to Motherhood

Reflections on O-N-E: I’ve Changed

I'm a few weeks behind Evvie's actual first birthday, but that doesn't mean I haven't been doing a lot of reflecting. I have so many feelings and so many emotions about the past year and then some. The biggest thing I've realized is that I've changed. I've realized that my little person, my baby girl, … Continue reading Reflections on O-N-E: I’ve Changed

Reinvigorated (and C’MON Fall!)

When you and your baby rarely sleep, it's really easy to feel bogged down with even the smallest things. But now that my little stinker has been sleeping better, thanks in large part to her new-found skill of WALKING, I've been sleeping better. https://youtu.be/VSnZ8VeZ1EA This means I'm feeling refreshed and ready to get my life … Continue reading Reinvigorated (and C’MON Fall!)