About Kayleigh

Welcome to Longo Living!


During my school years, both high school and college, I took many an art and journalism class to find new, fun ways to express my innate creative side. After graduating and entering the workforce, I let go of a little of my artistic side due to my new life of being busy-busy-busy.

It wasn’t until I welcomed my baby girl into the world and moved into my own home that I felt a sense of renewal and NEED to express myself, all while re-discovering who I am as a person. Since then, I’ve started Longo Living and opened my own little lifestyle brand, Evvie+Me, inspired by the Mommy and Baby connection I had immediately with my little lady.

While we know everyone’s “best” is open for interpretation, I hope you find my blog, tips and general stories about life to be entertaining, useful and maybe even a little inspirational.

THINK FAST! Quick Facts:

  • Morning Person or Night Owl? This girl LOVES some sleep! I’m very much a morning person who can’t wait to get to sleep each night.
  • Coffee or Tea? COFFEE. Preferably iced and a tad on the sweet side.
  • Relaxing or Active? Well, duh, everyone needs some R&R. But I have a serious problem sitting still, so I am usually on-the-go. It better be a seriously engaging movie or TV show to keep my tush planted.
  • Dog or Cat? DOG! I grew up with cats and love them, but there’s something so wonderful about my relationship with my pup.
  • DIY or Purchased? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good shopping date. But if I can make something, or even make something my own, I’m up for the challenge.
  • Blonde or Brunette? Well, today we’re blonde, but that story could change within a matter of months… I’m always up for a change in style.


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