Last Minute Shopping Addicts, Get Your Fix!

Would you believe that the season of Christmas is in FULL SWING?! If you know me, it’s actually nearing an end because we really started our holidays at the beginning of November.

Yes, after fourteen years together, C.D. decided to give in to the inevitable and actually suggested that we put up a few decorations in advance of Thanksgiving.

We’ve had a busy, busy, busy fall (which shouldn’t be a surprise given the amount of time that’s passed between my last post and this) and I jumped at the opportunity to relish the holidays a tad longer.

With my early start, I also dove into gift-giving planning super early as well. One might think this is a good thing because all of my gifts are bought, wrapped and the budget completed, but day in and day out I’ve been finding so many great gift ideas!

So, because I’m going to be good and keep my credit card tightly locked away, here are my picks for those last minute shoppers needing a few extra suggestions:

Did you miss your chance at the much sought-after Melissa & Doug Grocery Store set from Target and Amazon? This version is slightly smaller and doesn’t have as many interactive features, but it comes at a better price. While it’s sold out online, it IS still available in some Target stores. Get it while it’s hot! 

Now, we did manage to get this one already, but the Simon game is a must for toddlers working on honing their memory. We got ours from Target.

One of my favorite traditions growing up was listening to my Dad read my sister and I Christmas stories.

And naturally, my favorite was “The Night Before Christmas.” This version has a recording feature that allows you to record your favorite story-teller reading the book

Is anyone else a little sick of moving that dang, lazy Elf? Just me? Well, here’s a seriously cute (and adult) way to bring back your Elf love.

This puts the cozy in “comfy cozy.” I’m pretty sure I’d live in this if I had one.

This is seriously one of the funniest (and most accurate) stocking stuffer ideas for a gal who loves wall art

If your dog is as naughty as ours (ask me all about last week’s poop/puke escapades), this leash is spot on

Cashmere for nearly half off? 

Yes please

Your guy will need stylish sneakers to go with his super soft cashmere sweater, am I right? These mix media shoes are ON SALE. Get yours in-store or online.

I’ve got this obsession with all things “retro” lately, and I’m really feeling this Nike Fleece Bomber (also in black/white and burgundy or teal/white). 

I know some of you might say “I still don’t have time for this,” and need to grab gift cards. For those, here are my suggestions for a more thoughtful gift than the Target end-aisle gift card grab:

  • Barnes and Noble (everyone needs more excuses to read)
  • Lush (are they into fresh, homemade cosmetics and bath goodies? Lush is for them…) 
  • Netflix (yes, you can get this at Target, too)
  • Uber (give the gift of a safe ride and encourage friends to leave their cars at home)
  • Uncorked (you could ship wine, or, you could let them pick out their favorite)

In the extremely unlikely chance I post again before Christmas and New Years, I’d like to extend my warmest and most sincere wishes for a very Merry Christmas to all of you! 

XOXO, Kayleigh

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