Evvie+Me: The “Me” Part of the Blog

let me tell you about myself…

First things first, I’m going to start this post with my first fact––I did not create the idea for this post all by myself. A friend of mine and fellow blogger recently shared her own “Meet the Author” post and I thought, “Well hot damn, what a great idea?” As bloggers, there’s a level of vanity that comes with blogging––you take selfies, you share your life stories and you write with the expectation (well, hopes) that someone will read what you have to say. I tell you about what’s going on in my life and (sometimes) you reply…

…but in all of that, I haven’t really told you about me.

Bloggers want you to feel connected in some way. That’s why any good blog (and something I’m working towards) has a recurring theme behind it. That one draw that piques your interest and keeps you coming back. Mommy Bloggers do it for the babes. Fashion bloggers do it for the style. If their content is REALLY good, you come back and don’t really care if you connect with the person behind the blog. But, if you’re growing your blog like I am, then it’s important to find those connection points. In the spirit of being real, I’m going to put some facts out there about myself with the goal of enabling you to feel like you have more of a peek into “me.”

15 Tidbits You Don’t Already Know

  • I have been called “Sarge” and “Bull” since I was a young girl. Why? Because I’m always trying to take the lead, take control and be in charge. I’m rarely graceful.
  • While I am super OCD about some things, I’m also very messy in other parts of my life. My car… always a mess. My side of the bed… always a mess.
  • I talk a lot. Like, a lot a lot. While I love moments of peace and quiet, it makes me feel better to be conversing with those around me (and usually loudly). In fact, I told my parents that the babysitter at their bowling league called me “Hush Kayla.”
  • I have two kneecaps in my left knee. Seriously. Following an x-ray from a soccer injury, the doctor informed us that the patella in my left knee must have started growing in two places. The “fracture” was in fact two separate bones. Weird…
  • I am constantly finding new accents to try out. My favorites? The Fargo (North Dakotan accent), the Brit and the New Yorkah. Give me a few drinks and Fargo Kay is sure to debut.
  • I can count on my fingers the number of close friends I’ve made throughout my life and that I keep in touch with. To me, quality is more important than quantity. I found the good ones.
  • I take criticism well from most everyone except my husband. We’re both equally competitive and I hate when he doesn’t think I’m good at something.
  • We thought my maiden name was Russian, where my Grandpa immigrated from in his youth, but 23andMe says I’m more Ukrainian than Russian. Who knows?!
  • I chose the name Evan for my daughter because of a dream. In the dream, I was speaking to an Angel who told me I would name my child Evan. I asked, “But what if it’s a girl?” The angel told me that it didn’t matter––my child would be Evan. And, here we are!
  • I’ve had dreams that I’m being chased by tornadoes every few months for most of my life. Someone with dream interpretation experience, please tell me what this means. 🙂
  • I love a good scare. My Dad and I are the scary movie (I didn’t say horror… just thriller) fanatics in our family, I love hearing good (true) ghost story and reading nonfiction thrillers on the Reddit “NoSleep” thread.
  • I pick my nails and cuticles when I’m nervous or stressed. It drives C.D. insane, but most of the time I don’t even realize I’m doing it.
  • I haven’t been to the dentist in two years. GROSS! In my defense, every time I make an appointment, I have to cancel for conflict (travel, work, etc.). I know, I know… I need to go, and this is me verbalizing it so that it will happen. I do brush and floss (for real) 2x a day, though! 😉
  •  I am good about keeping up with my hair, though. (Priorities.) And with that, my hair has been blonde (dark and platinum), brown (dark and light), black and red. I’ve cut it as short as my cheeks and grown it as long as my armpits (that’s as far as it will go). I get an itch every year to do something drastic––this year it was to go back to brown and chop it. Also, I’ve been going to the same stylist for over 20 years. She’s that wonderful!
  • I actually do enjoy running. I have run one half-marathon and started training for a second when I developed plantar fasciitis. I’d still like to do it again someday, even the part where you lose your toenails.

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