Envisioning my Dream Home: Wishlisting

When I started this blog, we had just bought our first home. We were renovating where we could (read: we are terrible handy folks so our DIY projects were primarily painting projects).

Since that time, I had another baby, I started/closed my own tee shop and fell back in love with working on my personal style. But really, through all of my updates and blog maintenance, I’ve learned that my blog really does celebrate what’s important to me: family and creativity. My creative outlets are typically what I can control––my style and my home.

It’s been some time since I’ve shared any real home improvement updates. This weekend I took some time to replant my pots adorning our front door and hung several pretty hanging baskets around the exterior. Our tulip bulbs are starting to spring up and the front of our home feels fresh and happy!

The inside of our home? It still needs work. C.D. and I were talking this weekend and while I have an idea of what kind of decor style I like (definitely Farmhouse with modern touches), I haven’t been able to really pull together a cohesive look across the house. You could say that I definitely need some help.

So, I started pulling together elements of decor that are on my wishlist––it’s entirely unrealistic to think that I can overhaul my current style, but these are the pieces I’ll start lusting over and will someday pull the trigger on when budgets allow. 😉

First up… FIRST FLOOR! In the coming weeks, I’ll share other room wish lists to finalize my “Dream Home Board”!



Enjoy! XO

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