Little Collins is S • I • X MONTHS!

I remember it like yesterday: sitting in the car on the way to a team birthday lunch for my colleague and I and having tighter than usual Braxton Hicks contractions. I remember thinking, “This one hurt a little bit more than usual, but this stubborn little lady isn’t going to come soon. I just know it.”


It wouldn’t be the first time she’d surprise me. She arrived the next morning. That was six months ago. Six… months…

Are y’all sick of me complaining about how fast time flies when you have children? Well, get used to it because time has shown this little family no mercy. My sweet little baby Collins Claire is already a half of a year old!

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a plain old family update and now seems like the perfect time. In six short months, our living doll has already given us lots of surprise-and-delight moments.




This little gal made my initial post-partum recovery a lot more restful than it was with Evvie. Well, more restful than it could have been when you’re still chasing around a toddler but with a teeny baby in tow.

Collins slept what seemed like all day and all night when she was a newborn. She hit the 3-4 month sleep regression HARD and I felt like I was living life with an infant Evvie again. We were up every 1.5 to 2 hours––I’m not kidding. She was teething. She was getting cold after cold from daycare. She was trying to roll over in her sleep. She was transitioning to her big girl room. It was ROUGH, people.

But I had a work trip recently that was overnight and she had to endure a teeny bit of CIO (poor C.D. with two babes at bedtime… I’m sure it was a rough go). Adding to that, she finally learned to roll to her belly at night and she’s been sleeping like a dream since. It’s funny how both of my girls love to sleep tummy down. And, yes, I ALWAYS put them down on their backs (well, not so much Evvie anymore) to sleep because BACK IS BEST. However, if your baby can roll on their own to their tummies, most pediatricians won’t require you to continually flip them over. 


IMG_5884 2


Evvie was a smiler, it’s true, but nowhere NEAR as much as Ms. C.C. This girl can give you the biggest, brightest smile with only so much as a glance from you. Her smile is contagious and it’s impossible not to do anything and everything in your power to make her grin.

On top of her sweet smile, she now has her two bottom teeth and her giggles are beyond adorable. I’m gushing, but I’m serious. She has the sweetest little babydoll laugh!


Very much in the spirit of her older sister, C.C. does not stop moving. I repeat, DOES NOT STOP MOVING. I mentioned earlier that she rolls in her sleep––I NEVER find her in the same spot I laid her in when I walk into her room or check the monitor.

If she’s sitting down she’s kicking her legs. If she’s standing up she’s jumping. If she’s on her belly she’s now pulling herself forward and sideways to get to where she wants to be. If she could talk, she’d be telling us that “nothing is going to get in her way.” I hope it’s a mentality that she keeps for life.



This little girl brings a personality to our family that was much needed. We’re all loud, dominant personalities. We’re emotional. While Collins is by no means quiet and reserved, she disposition is always sunny and that can really set the tone for the rest of us. Her sister adores her and we admire and take joy in the relationship they have already formed.

So cheers to six months, Collins! We love you, we love you, we love you! I cannot wait to see what the next six months and many years to come bring!


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