May Flowers and Special Mamas

It’s true, Spring is here and despite some random hiccups in the weather, flowers are starting to bloom and the sun is starting to linger a little longer.

In speaking of May flowers, Mother’s Day is also around the corner. Yes, I am a mother and I wouldn’t hate a pretty bouquet and breakfast on May 13. But this post isn’t actually about me: I have many special “Mothers” in my life that I, too, want to celebrate. I’m surrounded by amazing, special women: my beautiful and smart Mother, my amazing and caring Mother-in-Law and my sisters-in-law who have taught me so much.



My Mom was/is always the best mother, and she’s now a more incredible Grandmother (MawMaw) than I ever would’ve imagined!


Each mother deserves to feel special and appreciated on Mother’s Day and here are my recommendations for anyone seeking to celebrate the women in their lives with more traditional Mother’s Day gifts. But, I’ve thrown in some little twists to really amp up the personalization. 🙂


If the Moms in your lives are as sentimental as I am, then a photo is worth a million bucks. Find a moment to wrangle in the children and snap a special photo just for Mom. C.D. laughs at me, but I swear I’m one of the few people who actually print my iPhone and DSLR photos. There’s just something about rotating photos in the house that makes me so happy to see how my babies and family has grown.

If your children will cooperate, consider having them hold up signs sharing what they love most about their Mom. If they won’t cooperate, just a good old-fashioned “cheese” smile could instantly melt her heart.


I haven’t met a single woman who doesn’t love decorating her home and a fresh bouquet really does bring cheer. But most of the time we use a household vase to showcase the pretty new bouquet––why not give a gift WITH a gift?

Now, we all have our own styles, but Target (a woman’s mecca for shopping) has a little something for everyone. If you can’t find something to personalize from the links below, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a vase (like those linked below) stuffed with her favorite flowers.


I’ve shared before how much I love the Scout & Cellar wine my sister-in-law sells. She isn’t kidding when she says the hangover with this wine is little to non-existent. Moms don’t get time off, so fighting a hangover isn’t a real option. Give her the gift of indulgence without a headache.


What are other classic ways you like to shower your Mom(s) with love on this special holiday? Be sure to tell us in the comments!

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