Maternity Leave: OVER and OUT

Every parent talks about how “time just flies by.” Or, “You blink and they’re grown up.” Yes, it’s true and it’s been said to death. You get it.

Hey, Happy Girl!

But DAAAAANG. When you have two kids (or more) and your maternity leave life revolves around feeding (nursing the little or snacks/lunch/dinner for the eldest), changing butts (at least a diaper an hour, sometimes more), daily battles for nap time and frequent asks to “do Play-doh” or “get me somethin’,” the time REALLY DOES fly by.


Adding to the mix many visits to Cardinal Glennon’s fabulous Plastic Surgery team (HUGE kudos to Claire, Joy and Dr. Lin for their wonderful bedside manner, positivity and overall help with Collins’ EarWells), the weeks seemed to move much quicker than they did when Evvie was a teeny tot.

Last Thursday was my first official day back at work. I absolutely will not lie to you (nor have I lied to anyone) in saying that it’s extremely hard to start back at work after being home with your children day in and day out. If there’s one thing in life that I feel I was meant to do, it was (and is) to be a mother. And I miss those babies… a lot.

Even on the days when I felt that hiding in the bathroom for five minutes to escape my toddler’s screaming tantrum was my only salvation, I would do it all over again to be there for the laughs, the tickle fights and the snuggles.

However, my return is not doom and gloom thanks to my amazing team, whom I really did miss and LOVE working with every day. I “work” (and I use quotes because most days it doesn’t feel like work–it’s an environment that’s fun and crazy and chaotic and creative) with absolutely phenomenal folks who get it. They, too, are parents who value a work/life balance that means grinding it out, with passion, while at the office and truly disconnecting while at home with their families. Sure, we work as a team, but most days it feels like we’re family. And that’s how everyone wants their “work” to be.

I’ll be checking in again in the very near future with a new post on revamping worn out home décor, so be sure to visit again soon! Thanks for letting me have my moment, but now I’m ready to bust out a creative brief.


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