Christmas with Littles: Santa’s Gift Ideas for Infants/Toddlers

In continuation of our Christmas gift-giving theme, I want to share some inspiration for gifting the littles in your life. (Did you miss our last post on gifts for HER, if so, you’ll want to check it out.)

The look of excitement on your child(ren)’s face(s) on Christmas morning is something that simply cannot be beaten. For me, giving gifts is more about quality over quantity, especially with two kids two and under who quickly lose interest in toys. But shopping for children can be extremely overwhelming, especially with the sheer number of options available in your local retailer’s toys and games section.

The items that made Evvie+Me’s list are either products that Evvie loved as an infant or things she’s loved interacting with while playing with friends or learning at school.



Baby Einstein’s, “Ocean Glow” Rattle

This darling little rattle is interactive! Give it a simple shake (or even a nudge), and this sweet little Octopus lights up and plays sound bites from classical songs. The top is a soft silicone so it’s safe for infants to nibble on, as we all know how much babies love putting things in their mouths.


Baby Einstein’s, “Pop and Glow Piano

Infants love music. It’s not only soothing, but a good way to interact with them and keep them focused. We put this on our list simply because of the classical songs it plays and for the ground-level interactivity that it offers. Infants working on reaching and their fine motor skills can push the keys of the piano to pop up Ocean friends and stimulate the lights.


GUND’s, “Flappy the Elephant

Not only is this elephant cuddly and sweet, but press his legs and he sings and covers his eyes for a game of peek-a-boo.



IKEA’s, “SUNDVIK Children’s Rocker

Everyone loves children’s furniture because nothing is sweeter than miniature anything. We have an “Anywhere Chair” from Pottery Barn that Evvie uses. But EVERY TIME we go to my parents’ house, she sits in my old wooden children’s rocker and watches Daniel Tiger or rocks her babies. This option from IKEA is much more affordable than Anywhere Chairs and is a classic your children will love.

*Note, I have this on BOTH girls’ wish lists because while Evvie could use hers now, Collins can enjoy hers in the very near future, and you know how much kids love sharing… 😉




Little Tike’s, “3′ Trampoline

Does your child have a (frequent) need for energy release? Not interested in splurging on a full-size trampoline for the yard? This trampoline is PERFECT for toddlers. Evvie’s school features one in each classroom and it’s often in uses. The handlebar is perfect for allowing the kids to jump safely without falling off of the sides and the 3′ radius of the trampoline makes it perfect for storing in your playroom.



If your kiddo has a ton of blocks, consider picking up some Magna-Tiles. This gift if something we’ll absolutely have under the tree this year. These tiles include magnets on the sides to encourage toddlers to construct and build while learning shapes and thinking about how they work together to create something new.


OK to Wake!” Alarm Clock

It’s no secret that Evvie has never been our great sleeper. While she’s finally learned to sleep in her toddler bed, she still has a habit of NOT wanting to get in bed when it’s time or trying to escape her room too early in the morning. I’ve heard great things and read wonderful reviews on this cute little alarm clock that changes colors when it’s time to officially “wake” for the day or hit the hay at night.


KidKraft’s, “Lil’ Symphony Guitar

My Dad is a HUGE music fan and has a number of classic guitars in his man cave. When we visit, Evvie loves to check out his stash and strum a few guitars. This little version is a great way to introduce your child to instruments and encourage them to consider trying their hand at music-making.


Honestly Cute’s, “Deluxe Nursery Set

We have a baby doll pack-n-play. We have a baby doll stroller. And they are used HEAVILY throughout each day we’re home.

For anyone looking to add a set to their own playroom, this Deluxe Nursery Set is the perfect starter kit, as it includes a pack-n-play, stroller, and chair that converts to a swing/high chair or car seat carrier.




No description needed, and not the most exciting of gifts, but infants live in socks (who needs shoes when you can’t walk?) and socks always seem to disappear. Consider tossing in some socks as stocking stuffers and save yourself (or a family member/friend) the headache of searching for socks when it’s chilly out.


Flash Cards

Evvie used to be fantastic with her alphabet and counting. But since learning so many new skills, she’s often forgetting what she used to spit out rapid fire. Pick up some flash cards as a fun way to keep your kiddos working on their education without requiring them to flip through a book or watch a video.

Classic and New Christmas Books

One item that I always love being gifted is a new book. Evvie loves to read so her library is quite full. One tradition that I personally loved as a child was reading the Christmas books with my Mom and Dad before going to bed or while lying by the lit tree. Consider picking up your own classic Christmas book set and start a new tradition (all books shown found on Amazon).

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 2.02.55 PM.png

Sippy Cups and/or Bottles

You can never have too many sippy cups or bottles. I repeat, NEVER. These things get left at school, at Grandparents’ houses, in the diaper bag, etc. Before you know it, your stash is low and your kid is demanding a drink. Do yourself a favor and toss this inexpensive stocking stuffer in your child’s stocking.


So what is your toddler hoping Santa places under your tree this year? Tell us in the comments as we’re always looking for new ideas!

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