The Terrible (and Wonderful) Twos

Evvie is TWO Party-5.jpg

My baby turned two this past weekend.

I reiterate. TWO.

Two whole years have moved quicker than any other year(s) of my life.*

Maybe it’s the hormones or maybe it’s just a reality of parenthood, but a little piece of me just hasn’t been able to move on from the heartbreak reality that your children are only little for so long. And newsflash: it’s not long.

If you know my Evvie, you know she’s definitely reached toddlerhood and yet she’s still so much of a baby. Perhaps the baby status will feel less that way when CC comes next month (AHHH!), but I have a feeling it won’t.

Okay, hormonal, rambling preggo. How does any of what you just said make sense?

Bear with me a moment.

Over the past few months, Evvie’s had a sort of intelligence boom. WARNING: The next few paragraphs consist of Mom-Bragging. I’m totally cool with any eye-rolling you’ll want to toss my way, but I’m so proud of this child ‘o mine! This may sound ridiculous, but I honestly forget she is only two because the kid amazes us daily with her ever-increasing smarts.


Out of the blue about a month or two ago, Evvie sang ” Ring Around the Rosey” to us. Oh, what fun! But, I don’t mean she mumbled out the beat of the song or just danced along to the beat. I mean she sang the lyrics… to the WHOLE song.


She wrote that.* (*No she didn’t.)


I’m always busy doing some sort of activity when Mom comes to get me from school.

She knows her shapes. She knows her colors. She can count (except she has some odd hatred for the number “four” and refuses to say it). Evvie has been saying over four-word sentences for months now. Sounds like fun, right? All of this is super exciting to us to a major extent… until she opens her mouth to tell you her diva thoughts on the matter.

My goodness, our kiddo has quite the personality and a SERIOUS attitude when she’s not getting her way. Just last night she iterated several times, “Knock it off, Daddy.” Guys, this was said not with a cute “parrot” interpretation of the saying or in a way that she thought it was funny and should be repeated. I mean she said it in perfect context to his previous statement and with some major ‘tude behind it. Lord help us…


Looking so much older than my little two-year-old!


She even has the latte swig down.

So… terrible twos? No, I feel like this is going to be “Terrible Twos through Teens” in our household. If I look like I’ve aged 20 years in the near future, you’ll know why.

But she’s still my baby. Why? Because the baby cannot go to sleep without her Mama rocking her. Because she still insists on morning cuddles with Daddy before getting ready for school. Because she still wants us to hold her hand as we take a family walk down the street. Because she’ll grab my face with both hands, look me straight in the eyes and say, “Mommy love you.”


So here’s to another amazing year for you, Evvie. You’re my light. You’re my happiness. You’re the reason I breathe. You may make me an insane person at times, but life without you would simply not be living. I love you/happy birthday!

*I have a very, VERY strong feeling I’ll be saying this phrase for the rest of my life. 

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