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Have you ever walked into someone’s house and felt immediately in awe of every… single… detail in the home? From the color schemes to the décor, from the furniture to the overall home layout? Everything seems to have its place and nothing seems forced.

Yep. Mouth-dropped was pretty much my reaction when walking into my best friend’s newly remodeled home. She and her husband have moved to a number of different cities for work and each home they’ve resided in they’ve chosen to flip on their own. And they do an IMMACULATE job. I’m usually not one to beg for a house tour when visiting a new home (I hate to seem pushy or nosey), but after chatting for a few minutes, I quickly asked if she minded me taking a look around.

You see, because she and her family have lived away for most flips, I’ve always had to draw inspiration for my own style from the few Instagram snaps she’d share here and there. Now that she’s home, I begged her to let me pick her brain on how she plans and stages her homes after my most recent visit. She obliged, and I’m so excited to share the tips she offered me.


My girlfriend defines her style as transitional. How so? She keeps most of the home neutral, in a traditional sense, but adds pops and finishes that are easily rotatable based on the season and/or the location.


She told me she draws most of her home inspiration from Pinterest, magazines, travel, and her time living in New York City (Chelsea to be precise – she’s seen some pretty amazing homes, hotels and restaurants).

Whereas I tend to look for an overarching style and try to match my décor based on that “look,” she confided that if she finds one singular element in a room to be inspirational, she’ll build the rest of the room around that piece.

Now here’s one of my favorite tips she shared and a total “Duh, why didn’t I think of that” moment. Where does she gather a lot of her inspiration? Restaurants. Some of her own bathroom inspiration has come from restaurant and hotels. And seriously… if you think about it, at any GOOD restaurant or hotel, do you notice that their bathrooms are always clean, crisp but spa-like? Yeah, why not take inspiration from there?


After picking her brain, I can easily see where her life and travel influences have inspired her home decor. The tile on the floor is reminiscent of a NYC hotel entryway, while the clean shelving and fresh flowers feel inviting and homey.


So where does she pick up her home décor? Consignment shops and estate sales. Because her style draws in lots of traditional elements, she’ll peruse consignment shops and estate sales to find timeless pieces at a fraction of the price.


To easily keep the house feeling in-step with the time of the year, she’ll change her flowers and plants to what’s in-season to act as a quick and budget-friendly way to change a room. She took up DIY projects when storage space was tight and fancied-up acorns and branches with spray painted gold, silver and pewter colors. She then layered the natural elements a glass bowl for winter. For spring, she found that moss is cheap and a great way to add a fresh, green look for the season.



Harkening back to her transitional style, she looks for natural materials, with pretty but sturdy woods and stones to use as her cornerstones for each room. Her kitchen is comprised of beautiful white tile, countertops and cabinets, but it feels welcoming, with natural touches like the rubbed bronze chandelier and wood block table (I WANT THIS!). 



Even with her DIY skills and husband’s talented ability to do much of the heavy-duty flipping on his own, there are areas that she doesn’t mind splurging. For a high-end, classic style, she said to avoid going “cheap” with the bathrooms and bedroom finishes. (Right? After all, you will spend a fair amount of time in each of these rooms while at home… let’s be honest.)


She advised that high-quality hardware is low in cost relation to any renovation. And save where you can by painting yourself and staging a room several times on your own before seeking out complementary decor.

I hope you’re able to find some inspiration like I was. I know I’ll be tagging along with her the next time she visits a consignment shop to see how I can add my own character to my house. 🙂


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