One of “those” days…

As a parent, you often have to make tough choices.

How to discipline your child, where to send them to school, what sippy cup to pack in their lunch to make sure it’ll actually be consumed (you better believe that’s a real tough choice for a toddler parent), and the list goes on.

But one of the toughest choices a Mom experiences is to stay home with her babies or to go back to work.


My loves…

You’ve heard me lament before at how tough it can be to leave the baby and work a full day while missing them all the while.

Most days I kiss little E goodbye, wave to her fervently from the car and go on my merry way knowing she’s in great hands with her school teachers and grandparents. Do I miss her? HECK YEAH!

Other days, like today, I have to dress her as she says, “No,” over and over about going to school. I have to kiss her and quickly shut the door behind me because I know she’s running over with arms outstretched, asking to leave with me. I wave goodbye from the car and a pain sits deep in my chest.

I think about her and wonder what she’s up to. What is she getting into? What goofy act is she doing to make her teachers laugh? What is/who is she yelling “no, no-no” about this time?

Being a stay at home Mom isn’t an option for me financially, and honestly, I love my job. I was raised to work hard and take pride in what I can accomplish if I set my mind to it. I’ve always been headstrong and outgoing (for the most part), and I started my first job when I was 15. I’ve (fortunately) been employed ever since.

Does that mean there are days that I’d love to spend more one-on-one time at home with her? That I’d prefer to be the one making her lunch, taking her out in her push car, reading her “Huggy, Kissy” for the 50th time and putting her down for her nap? DUH?!

A dear friend of mine (THANKS, AMY!) shared the following blog post recently and I fell in love with it. I can absolutely, positively, 100% relate to every experience this Mom shares in her heartfelt post.

I encourage all Moms and Dads (because you better believe I’ve received calls from C.D. after dropping Ev off at school saying he was really sad to be leaving her and wished he could’ve kept her home that day) to read this and smile.

“If your dream is to work full time and continue to climb the corporate ladder, I hope you do it.  If your dream is to stay in the home with your kids, I hope that’s where you find yourself.  If your dream is to work part time, I hope you find that way.  Yes, we’re raising dreamers; we want our kids to move mountains.  But we as moms cannot forget about ourselves…our happiness trickles down to the ones we’re raising.  So always continue to dare to dream.”


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