Toddler Crafts for the Creative Child

I think I’ve made it sufficiently clear that I love DIY and I love hobbies. But some of that creativity, I’ve found, is making it’s way down to my little one. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!

Every morning we start our day with breakfast at her table followed by reading or coloring. She could sit at her table and color, color, color all day if we’d let her.

So while she doesn’t get to be as crafty as some of her classmates (with only going to school twice a week and with family the rest of the week), I’d like to allow her chances to explore her senses through at-home crafts.


I’ve rounded up my FAVORITE toddler crafts below. Enjoy the mess and remember, they’re only young once!


Bubble Wrap Picasso


Bubble Wrap. Who DOESN’T love giving it a good “pop” when you’ve got it? If you are an avid Amazon or online shopper like me, consider saving a few scraps of wrap and allowing your children to create a painting masterpiece.

  • Older Kids: Allow them to carefully add leaves to a tree or snowflakes to a wintery home picture.
  • Toddlers: Teach them to stomp on the wrap and both see and hear the results of their art.


Mosaic Fun

Evs loves stickers. We have stickers everywhere, even places we don’t need stickers (like on the faces of her Sesame Street books and on laundry hampers…).

So rather than spend a fortune on new sticker pads, consider cutting up colored paper into small pieces. Adhere some Elmer’s Glue (sticks for toddlers) to the backs and VOILA! You’ve got your very own mosaic art.

  • Older Kids: Give them the task of filling in a pre-established design with their mosaic colored paper.
  • Toddlers: Give them free range to explore mixing and matching colors to create something new!


Stencil Word Art


Why splurge on Valentine’s Day art when you can make your very own canvas? Pick up some canvas at a local Michael’s or Target and get to work!

Cut stencil letters of your favorite word – perhaps it’s your child’s name or a simple word like, “Love.” Tape them to your canvas and let your child dab away at the exposed canvas using paint, Bingo blotters or even scribble with markers. Gently pull the stencil away once the ink is dry and you’ve got yourself a very hand-made, custom art piece.


DIY Princess Wands


Sure you can spend money to purchase a plastic wand from the store, but you can also make a special, just-for-me wand for your little one. You simply need popsicle sticks, paint, colorful press-on stickers and BOOM: magic wand.

*Note, to keep the stickers adhered, add a dab of Elmer’s glue to the backs before pressing onto the wood.*


Water Bottle Friends


We go through lots of water bottles in our house (don’t worry, we recycle), but here’s a good way to get further use from them. Make your very own sensory, water bottle friend through on-hand materials.

  • Create a water bottle friend by adding a tiny bit of clear glue to water in the bottle.
  • Add glitter (color of your choice) to create a shimmery effect.
  • Cut and adhere a face to your friend (example shown is a snowman).
  • Tie pipe cleaner or thin rag strips around your bottle to give your friend attire.
  • ADULTS: Seal the lid with super glue or hot glue gun to ensure children cannot access and consume the glue-water.




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