A Rustic Look to be Proud Of: DIY Farmhouse Projects

One of my goals for 2017 is to put actions to my words. I’ve been saying I want to tackle more DIY projects and so far I’m off to a good start.

Check out some of my recent projects completed this month and tips for doing it yourself!



This particular project is actually a bridge until the next bathroom renovation. As you can see from the photo above, the Master Bath only includes a single sink vanity. And on top of that, it’s a bowl sink. While pretty, they’re just not practical. Anyway, not the point… the vanity itself was a dated cherry-colored wood. Sitting atop of the vanity is black granite complemented with a black marble flooring. This bathroom has no windows and only one over-the-sink light fixture. It’s DARK, folks. And dark does not go with a farmhouse style home.

Until we replace the vanity and install plumbing for jack-and-jill sinks, I decided to white-wash the vanity to lighten the room.


I started by removing the doors, drawers, and hardware. I lightly sanded the vanity shell and the doors and drawers to remove the top layer of gloss in preparation for the primer. It was important to apply a primer, even with a simple white paint, so that humidity in the bathroom wouldn’t cause the paint to peel over time.


After the primer dried (4 hours), I applied a coating of HGTV+Sherwin William’s Ovation Paint/Primer in Satin White. I picked up a quart since the project wasn’t too large.

Once that layer dried, I added two more coats to cover any areas that needed touching up and to even out the color.


The whole project, from start to finish, took me one day. ONE DAY!




If you’re a farmhouse decor fanatic like me, do you often find yourself browsing through quote art signs when shopping? Do you balk when you check out the prices for some of these lightweight, plywood-like signs?

I had a number of randomly sized wood planks left from the TV console project my Dad and I worked on. Rather than use the wood as ignition for a fire, I decided it was time to put my creativity to use.

I combed through Pinterest to find quotes that spoke to the personality of my home and wouldn’t be too “cutesy” for C.D. We both really enjoy humor, so I knew anything in my bedroom would have to be tongue-in-cheek.

Before moving to the quotes themselves, I sanded the wood and applied a wood stain the colors of choice. I chose Classic Gray to family with my console table and Weathered Oak to create a light, fresh look to contrast the greige of my bedroom. I let the stain sit overnight before preparing the wood for painting.


Once I had settled on quotes I liked, I typeset the copy in Cricut Design Space. I purchase my fonts from FontBundles, but you can find beautiful (and FREE) serifs and sans-serif fonts for personal use on DaFont.

Using my Cricut machine, I cut the quotes into Oracal 651 to use as a sturdy stencil for my paint. Using my transfer paper, I laid the vinyl down on the wood exactly where I wanted the text to appear.

I applied a thin coating of Modge Podge to seal the edges of the letters in an effort to avoid paint bleed (great tip, Chelsea). I let the Modge Podge dry for an hour before returning to paint in the letters. I used Waverly Inspirations Matte Chalk Finish paint in White and Black to add a worn-in look to the art.


Once the paint was mostly dry (IMPORTANT, as fully dry could result in paint peeling from the text), I slowly removed the vinyl to reveal the text. After it was completely dry, I lightly went over the entire board with my sandpaper to add wear to the art. I sealed the stain and the chalk paint with a light layer of Modge Podge Gloss Sealer.


I purchased a picture hanging kit from Target, drilled in my D-hooks and had my art up on the wall in under 20 minutes.

I couldn’t be happier with the results. Sure, I had to spend a little for the supplies, but now I have what I need on-hand to make more art in the future. Aren’t you so excited, C.D.?! 😉


If you don’t own a Cricut machine, here’s how I would approach this project (the more simple the quote the better):

  • Print your quote in black on standard computer paper. Beef up your font width to make this project a bit easier on you.
  • Once printed, tape your paper to newspaper that is heavy on print.
  • Tape your quote paper and newspaper to your sanded wood block. 
  • Using a heavy hand and pressure, trace the outline of your text against the wood.
  • Lightly peel back the paper to ensure the newspaper has left an outline of your text on the wood.
  • Using a Sharpie (or, if you’re brave, a thin paint brush and paint), fill in the traced text. 


If you try your hand at similar projects, we’d love to see your progress!

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