Icemageddon: Staying Busy

Y’all, there are so many memes circulating my Newsfeed this morning mocking St. Louisans for their inability to handle any sort of precipitation forecast.

I have to be honest, though… we can’t.

I made a point this morning to leave early with the baby to beat the incoming rain/sleet/ice. I am glad I did because Wal-Mart was already bustling at 6 AM upon opening. As I passed mothers in their PJs (no judgment here!) and blue-collar gentlemen grabbing a coffee and other on-the-road necessities, I made a point to slyly check out their carts.

Along with the necessary food items I, myself, had ventured out to purchase (milk, water, and snacks for Evvie to make sure she had plenty despite her father stealing them), many folks were grabbing books, games, and activities for the littles.

It dawned on me at that moment that this could be a long weekend with no possibility of escape from the house. So what could I think up to do to make sure we don’t want to shut each others’ heads in a door by the end of the weekend?  Here are my list of “stay busy, stay sane” suggestions for anyone enduring a shut-in weekend.



If you, like me, own an electric oven, I’d suggest putting this pretty high on your list in case the power fails at any point. Not only does baking warm up a chilly home and fill it with delicious smelling goodness, it also requires prep time so you’ll stay busy for at least one to two hours.

Check out this ooey-gooey recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies I’ve pinned for a rainy (or icy) day like today.


Oh the most glamorous weekend activity, right? “What’d you do on Saturday?” “Well, I cleaned my kitchen and bathroom, washed all of our throw blankets.” “Oooh, that sounds like a blast!”

But when is a better time to actually DEEP CLEAN your house than when you can’t leave it? I’m not talking about vacuuming and dusting — I’m referring to the baseboard scrubbing, kitchen re-organization, bedding-washing type of cleaning.



While I’m half embarrassed by this mess of a closet, I’m also glad this weekend is creating the great opportunity for me to CLEAN IT OUT!

While you’re cleaning, why not dig through your closets, cabinets, and drawers to find items to donate to a local charity?

I’m sure most days you gloss over those shirts hanging in your closet that sadly have not been worn in two years. Well now is the perfect time to stand back and actually look through what you own to determine what you need, what you cannot part with and what might make a great necessity for someone else.




Are you always too tired or too busy to actually use that exfoliating mask you’ve had in your cupboard for months? Do you have bath bombs lying around, untouched? Is there a Yoga video you’ve heard about but couldn’t find 20 minutes to actually try out?

DO IT. A wonderful way to stay sane and beat the cabin fever is by emerging feeling like you’re a new person. When the kiddos go down for a nap, treat yourself to a nice relaxing bath and apply that mask when you hop out.

Another way of refreshing? Why not reorganize the set-up of some of your rooms? It’s easy to feel like you’re stuck in the status quo. Doing something as small as moving several pieces of furniture or decor can make the world of difference in feeling like you’re moving forward and starting something new.



Keep the babes entertained by showing them how to construct an old-school fort with pillows and blankets. You’ll need to stay warm, anyway, so why not snuggle up together to read a book or watch a video on your tablet under your own little sanctuary?





Image found via Pinterest


Do you ever feel like there are so many things you want to do but can never find the time to do them (like the “REFRESH” section above)? Quiet time with limited abilities makes it easier for you to think about goals and activities you’d like to do.

I, for one, would love to make my own wooden sign to hang in our home. With more “down” time and even the possibility of no online time if the power shorts, I can find a few minutes to stain the wood and paint my copy on the sanded board. Heck, I can even think about other DIY projects I’d like to pursue!

Is it tough for you and friends to get together? Use the iced-in time to look through group activities and set dates for everyone to get together. I personally cannot WAIT for my upcoming Paint and Sip party with my girlfriends!


So what are you planning to do to be productive and stay sane while locked in? I’d love to hear your suggestions so we make good use of each hour at home! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Icemageddon: Staying Busy

  1. Dacia says:

    My sister in KC tells me they have closed schools already. The storm isnt to hit until 3pm!! I live in Denver so winter is the fun season.

    Coffee on snow days (well, everyday, but most enjoyable on snow days) usually gives me that push to deep clean and organize. I really wish I could write on my snow-in days, but 3 y/o and 4 m/o leave little room in my lap for a computer.

    Stay warm! Have fun! I will probably end up knocking out of few wooden signs myself this weekend for the Kids’ room. Cheers!

  2. Longo Living says:

    Same to you, @Dacia! It sounds like you have a great plan for keeping yourself occupied — you have much more experience with snow/ice in Denver I can imagine. 🙂

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