Cheers to 2016!

To sum it up, this year has been one for the books — in a wonderful way. It’s been full of so many, so very many new experiences.


We kicked off 2016 with my new job at an amazing advertising agency. Through my work, I’ve met so many fun, talented people (both coworkers and clients) that made my transition out of “Stay at Home, Maternity Leave Mom” into “Working Mom” so much easier.

Next up was purchasing and moving into our first home. While we jumped head first into updates earlier in the year, we slowed down in the latter half. There are still times that I forget that it’s truly OUR home.

Evvie and Me Blog-3352.jpg

We started Evvie at her lovely preschool where she learned how to play with other children her age and to trust her mentors.

We bought a new car — something that needed to happen for some time.

We each started our own new adventures. Mine, on a much smaller scale, was my Evvie+Me Blog and Shop, where I rediscovered my love for creativity and ideation. C.D., on his firm, which took off with a bang and has been wildly successful in its first year. Thank you to all who helped us find the confidence and courage to branch off into our own ventures. It has been such a beneficial learning experience.



Mizzy is always close by her Momma and her Sister.


And to my family — we all continue to learn from each other as we each change as individuals. C.D. absolutely loves being a Daddy and I love the youth that’s come out of him with his funny songs. Evvie in growing and learning and seeing her little spit-fire personality emerging. And me in being a Mommy, where I’ve had to learn patience but enjoyed every second of the nurture that comes with being a mother. We’re all changing constantly and it’s been a blessing (and at times challenge) to reshape our lives to fit our new needs/personalities/roles.

So, in closing out 2016, I’m going to share some of the RECENT updates to the house — really just decor additions. I started this blog with documenting my renovation progress, and so it’s only fitting that I jump into a new year with an update on how we’re doing!


I’m loving the new, fresh color pops in our room. The contrasting pattern and texture between our quilt and throw blanket really adds a level of coziness to our room.


My sister-in-law, Sarah, found the most darling bathroom decor set for Ev’s Coral+Navy bath. I love every piece she found, AND, they were all from Wal-Mart (of all places)!



Miz loves to relax in our bedroom.



Evvie’s new playroom additions. These prints were FREE from Burlap+Blue, which you can find through a quick Google or Pinterest search.



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