Capturing Holiday Magic through Craft

It’s been almost two full weeks since I last posted and that’s because the holidays have consumed us. I’m certainly NOT complaining because it’s that time when families come together and traditions are continued.


Long before I had any kids, I found this “Shitter’s Full” onesie and had to have it. Ev finally fits in it, so we wore our matching tees to our Annual Tree Hunt. 

The Longo/Kozemczak gang got together and trekked out to one of our favorite local farms to pick out our annual live tree. Now, typically we go the Griswold route and hike it through snow, rain, wind and cold to chop down a glorious tree. Unfortunately, we haven’t been alone in our journey over the past few years and the live tree selection has really dwindled in the area. So, while we

So, while we schlopped through muddy fields this weekend, we decided upon a pretty Fir tree pre-cut in the Eckert’s lot. The tradition was not lost, though, because Grandma and PawPaw came equipped with hot chocolate, cookies and Christmas classics for us to listen to. We all gathered back at their house afterward for lunch and to set up Christmas decor.


Evvie Bear LOVES Oreos, which are safe for dairy and egg allergy kiddos!

I’ve also had several opportunities to put together Christmas tees over the past couple of weeks and have had so much fun with it! The “Best Gift Ever” for my NICU donation has proven to be quite popular. And I HAD to make a “Bumpuses” shirt for my sister with her two huge dogs.

So while putting together the Evvie+Me NICU donation items, of which we received VERY generous donations from a great group of friends and family, I’ve started thinking about other ways I can put my crafting to good use this month for additional gifts.

While the gift receiving is certainly always nice, I really, truly, HONESTLY LOVE gift-giving! I love seeing the reactions on the recipients’ faces and always hope that they can feel and appreciate the time and effort we put into finding the perfect present. To me, it’s not about how much you spend, but about how much energy you put into finding something that truly represents your love for them.

Here are several hand-made craft ideas I’m playing around with as possible stocking stuffers this year. Enjoy!


screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-1-54-12-pm Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 1.55.16 PM.png

These gifts are GREAT because Mason Jars are so versatile. You can fill them with flowers to make a pretty, farmhouse-style vase, load them up with candies as a great treat jar or compile ingredients for a delicious, southern-like cocktail.


Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 2.00.05 PM.png


I would be silly to not put my die-cutting machine to use this season! I’m excited to branch off of my usual tees and start exploring permanent vinyl products like these ring dishes and ornaments.


I really like gifting your service men/women, such as the delivery men and trash pick-up. I’m sure they get lots of both treats AND gift cards, so for me, sharing my cookies is a way to say a more personal “thank you.” Hobby Lobby offers a great selection of treat packaging at affordable prices.

Are you planning any custom, hand-made or DIY gifts this year? If so, please share in the comments section what you’re going to get festive on!


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