Living Life in the Last Quarter

When you work in marketing, or really any business, you work in quarters. And when you have football on T.V. all weekend long, you talk in quarters. Well, this quarter is my favorite — but you already knew that.

We’ve been so busy over the past two months that I’ve really slacked at keeping up with my self-promise to blog. Here’s what we’ve been up to:



Bringing Mommy+Me fashion to the leggings. Love my mini!

I had an amazing 30th spent with my favorite indulgences: family, food and friends. We started the day with breakfast at the Shack and I did not turn down an offer to split the Captain Crunch Boozy Shake. We spent the majority of the day enjoying the gorgeous weather and closed it out with a dinner among friends at The Tavern.




It was Evs’ second Halloween, but the first that she could actually participate in! Little munchkin went as a cheerleader from her parent’s Alma Mater, but her little pigtails reminded me more of Cindy Lou Who. She only walked away with a Dum-Dum, but she had plenty of fun running around and staying up late.




We’ve moved slowly the past few months with any home updates, but here are a few projects we completed and have added a bit of a happier, homier look!

New Screens

Who knew something as small and insignificant as new screens would make you feel like things are more “put together.” The previous owners had tears and snags in all of the screens. Instead of paying the local hardware store to replace them, I invested in a full roll of screen and took on the task myself.



Bye-Bye, Johnson Grass

All summer we battled a grassy weed that just…would…not…go… away! We would spray it with killer, mow, and the next day the grass would be back and already inches taller than the freshly cut grass. We finally learned that Johnson grass doesn’t go away with weed killer and determined that Round-Up was the only solution. So after killing off the affected area, we pulled the dead grass and weeds, laid down seed and packed it with fresh topsoil to give it a shot at growing. Who thought home ownership would be so labor intensive?!



Breezy Curtains

While we STILL DON’T HAVE THE DANG CHAIR RAIL IN, curtains in the Dining Room are up and make the room feel much more complete.


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