Operation: Playroom

I was forewarned after feeling overwhelmed with the amount of “stuff” from our baby shower last year that “stuff” would continue to accumulate with kids.

I mean, I should have known, right? When I think back now, I guess my parents’ basement was literally COVERED in toys — Barbies, Barbie clothes, Barbie houses, little figurines (like Littlest Pet Shop), Pretend Play items like costumes, easels, chalk for school…

Well, it’s beginning to take form at the Longo house. While she was young and her toys were limited due to her immobility, we set up Ev’s stations across the living room and the office. We were able to contain the mess because really the “mess” was a few squishy blocks and the exercauser.

That containment is a little more challenging when you have a (very) mobile child and lots of new fun things. This is my current situation (and know that I’m truly not embarrassed by showing this mess because any parent will understand that 100% state of tidiness is a serious challenge — I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work):




She has:

  • Three cars
  • Three push carts (including the stroller)
  • Kitchenette
  • DJ Table
  • Zany Zoo
  • Books
  • Anywhere Chair
  • and a multitude of small playthings

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that she can use her imagination and learn from doing a variety of activities. She enjoys running from station to station so my goal is not to take this away from her. But over the years I’ve tried my best to become more organized and the lack of creativity/organization in this room is making me develop a serious eye tick (not really, but you get the point).

Now, I’m not insane. I very much realize this room is very, VERY unlikely to stay clean and organized. I stated that above and I’ve accepted that. But it does have the potential to be a more contained and creative space. While still designating a section for the office, I really want this playroom to FEEL like a playroom. I want Ev to have freedom to be creative and maybe even crafty/artsy like her Momma.

With that being said, here are my “plans” for this room — some of which will be DIY.

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 2.10.18 PM.png

Chalkboard: This is something I plan to DIY like the one shown above (though, you can buy one HERE). I love the idea that Ev can use chalk (see: CLEAN UP ease) to doodle and we have a great place to display her artwork.


Framed Art: We’ve already collected a few pieces of “original art” from Evvie’s daycare that I’ve struggled with how to display. These cute, simple painted frames are a way to add character to the room while making art changes a cinch.

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 2.05.37 PM.png

Alphabets: This is from my sister-from-another-mister, JoJo Gaines, so, of course, I love it! If y’all haven’t picked up, I’m like every other woman out there who is passionately falling for the Farmhouse style.

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-2-23-59-pmScreen Shot 2016-09-23 at 2.23.42 PM.png

Transparency – Jars for Storage: I already have the leaning jars you see to the right, so I’d love to re-purpose them to contain smaller items like Crayons and chalk once Ev is getting more into the drawing/art stage of toddler life.

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 2.27.59 PM.png

Book Containment: We currently have books tossed in a cotton basket, which is great for Ev because she loves rooting through it. But I’ve noticed that lately the amount of books we have (which is a LOT because the girl loves to read) has made it hard for her to easily dig through. We picked up two of the IKEA spice racks (see above) that I plan to paint and mount. The biggest question now is where to mount them…


Window Seat: When thinking about the play room, we would be terrible parents if we forgot about our first baby, our four-legged child, Miz. I’m dying to make my next DIY project a storage bench turned window seat like this one from Ana White (but we’d add a padded top for seating). Her plans make it easy to customize depth/length.

So what am I missing? What would you add that’s not pictured here? I’m all ears when it comes to inspiration!




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