Lipsticks I’m “Falling” For (Get it?)

Despite little sleep last night (poor Ev has five, yes FIVE teeth erupting) and a rushed morning, I KNEW today was going to be a good day. It feels like summer but NOPE, it’s officially Fall!

That means THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR has arrived! You can’t beat the last four months of the year in my humble opinion.


Birthday Morning Snap! Little E is ONE!


To update y’all on our trip and Evs’ behavior during our expedition, I’m happy to report that we had an absolutely wonderful time in Florida and that little Ev did wonderful on all four flights (layovers). She would nurse on the ascent to help with her ears, would fidget about for about 10 minutes into each flight (antsy pants), played with several new books we found in the Target $1 section and then would sleep for most of the duration of the flights. I planned layovers in our itinerary so she could let loose the energy she constantly has built up and I think that worked in our favor.

She was wonderful on the beach and enjoyed using little shovels to dig up the sand. Unfortunately, the ocean was pretty murky with lots of seaweed from recent storms so we didn’t venture into the salty water, but she seemed okay with just hanging out on the beach.


So now that it’s Fall (back to today’s post after that quick intermission), I’m ready to get to make the switch to Fall makeup. (To the very few male readers of this blog, I totally understand if you’re going to check-out now.)

Along with hair color and styles, I love playing around with makeup colors and mixing-matching different hues. Here are my (affordable) goto’s for this season!

Fall Makeup-4.jpgfall-makeup

Deep Merlot  

  • I love the Sephora Rouge Matte Lipstick in “Rebel Chic” and find it’s great for layering from the day to the night.
    • Lightly apply the color and blot for a more gentle, magenta color
    • Apply two coats and blot for a darker, more dramatic color


fall-makeup-5  pink-makeup

Cinnamon-Hued Brown

  • I love this lipstick by Maybelline in “Sin-a-Mon” for a lip that works with a multitude of eye shadow palettes.
    • Pair it with burgundy eyes sans eyeliner for a nice daytime, work-appropriate look (like the photo above)
    • Add dark black, liquid liner on top of a burnt bronze eye shadow for a nighttime style


Fall Makeup.jpg

Dark Cherry

  • I’ve had this shade from Clinique, “Black Honey,” for a few years now and it’s a definite “go-to.”
    • Wear one swipe of the color during the day for a hint of a plum paired with peach blush
    • Darken the application at night for a deep, black cherry color that pairs well with bronzer and gray eye shadows


Fall Makeup-2.jpgimg_3197

Peachy-Pinky Nude

  • My Mom bought me the Urban Decay “Sheer Liar” lipstick while she was out and about and it’s quickly become a staple for me.
    • Wear this with a smokier eye shadow for a hint of color that doesn’t compete with the eye.

And last but not least….

Fall Makeup-3.jpg

Classic Red

  • You absolutely MUST have a red in your kit for Fall into Winter. I use Maybelline “Very Cherry” for a nice, true red.
    • Avoid looking too harsh when wearing red lipstick by keeping the eye shadow/liner at a bare minimum


So what are you planning to break out of your make-up stash this year? What hues can you not live without?

Share with us in the comments!


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