Teaching an Old Dog (or Old Clothes) New Tricks

Can you feel it? The impending Fall season is upon us and I… could not… be… HAPPIER!

Let me explain. It’s not just because I have an October birthday that I love Fall. Fall is the start of such a wonderful time of the year, in my humble opinion.

As a kiddo, it meant school and sports were starting again. As an adult, it’s the start of a season chalk-full of fun and entertainment. This year we have Evvie’s birthday in September (ONE, can you believe it?!). Next up is my 30th in October (holy smokes) so another trip to the Winery may be calling us. Then there is Halloween, followed by our third wedding anniversary, immediately followed by Thanksgiving, and then it’s Christmas and lord knows how insane I go for Christmas… I won’t even go into all of the shenanigans we have planned for that holiday month.


So with the upcoming arrival of Fall, I decided to be proactive and start planning out what I might want to wear this season and with what. I know, that sounds really OCD, but when you have a kiddo, planning outfits ahead of time is really important if you want to look as seemingly put-together as you can.

But also with a kiddo, and a season full of entertaining and fun, budgets are tight. I’m going to do my best to up-cycle as much as I can this year to avoid spending anything on clothes. That’s not to say I may not invest in a good pair of jeans that fit right (everything is still a bit too loose), but that’s the max I’ll dole out for.

So here are my picks for the season based on what I currently have in my wardrobe.



I have several army green pieces in my closet: a jacket (like this one or this one), jeans (these) and chinos (details to come in my next section).

Army Green Jeans pair well with:

  • Striped tops
  • Faux leather jacket
  • Everyday tees
  • Light-colored sweaters
  • Pointed flats
  • Booties (camel, tan or black)
  • Converse sneakers (white or light color)
  • Fashion sneakers (such as Nike Air Max 90 or New Balance 574s)

Army Green Jacket pairs well with:

  • Striped tops
  • Everyday tees
  • Tank tops (extend their use past summer!)
  • Solid-colored cotton dresses or maxis
  • Pointed flats
  • Converse sneakers (white, grey or navy)



When moving to Houston, I invested in two pairs of chinos: one in khaki and one in army green (see, I told you I’d get there). I knew I would be having client meetings where I’d be required to dress up, but I didn’t want to buy another pair of black pants that sit in the closet to be worn maybe four times a year.

Chinos pair well with:

  • Gingham-print button-up blouses
  • Everyday tees (but tucked in)
  • Soft sweaters
  • Strappy sandals
  • Pointed flats
  • Peep-toe booties



Gasp! Did I just say WHITE JEANS… after Labor Day? C’mon people get over it, there are bigger things to worry about. I’m not a huge fan of getting clothes specifically for ONE season, so you’ll see me wearing my white jeans for quite awhile. I’m sure many of you already have white jeans, but if not, they’re likely going on sale because… “rules.” Check these out: Gap and Anthro (I was gifted this pair and while definitely a splurge in cost, I LOVE the fit/comfort and do recommend them).

White Jeans for Fall pair well with:

  • Soft, textured sweaters
  • Black long-sleeve tees
  • Booties (short/tall; tan, camel, black)
  • Closed-toe flats
  • Pointed-toe heels




If I could spend money this year on ONE more addition to my closet, it would be another long, flowy sweater in a color other than brown, cream and black. As someone who is constantly freezing, longs sweaters are FANTASTIC for Fall and Winter. Why? Because you can keep them draped open if you’re warmer and can wrap them tight with a belt when it’s colder. All of my sweaters are several years old, so you can find similar options here and here.

Long, flowy sweaters pair well with:

  • Everyday tees
  • Tank tops (who would know it’s a tank?)
  • Thinner sweaters (for REALLY chilly days)
  • Fitted tunics
  • Solid-colored button-down blouses
  • Fitted/skinny jeans (use ripped jeans for more of a comfort-style look)
  • Leggings (leather)
  • Booties (any color)
  • Closed-toe heels
  • Pointed-toe flats


So what do you think? What would you consider up-cycling in your closet that you haven’t thought about extending through Fall? I’d love to hear what you’re planning for this season!

All images were pulled from my Pinterest page — check it out HERE!

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