We Did It! New TV Console Table + Peach Picking

I’ve posted on here TWICE about my plans for that long living room wall and I’ve finally finished something I said I’d start.

Well, I HELPED finish something I said I’d start.

I knew from the get-go that this project would require help from my Dad. He’s so incredibly talented when it comes to building and/or repairing. He knows how to handle wiring, lumber… anything really. The long list of things he’s built himself amazes me. From the addition on their garage to the upstairs laundry room, from the fireplace and bookshelves (we never had a fireplace growing up) to the balcony over the front door — the man has TAUGHT himself how to do anything he puts his mind to. I guess my Mom can’t complain about the 500 woodworking magazines around the house because they actually get put to use.

So when it came down to building a table, I hated putting a burden on him, but I knew that if he helped, the end result would be perfect.

I stumbled upon these Ana White plans for an “X” Console Table through Shanty2Chic’s website. To a novice, they looked difficult, but my Dad said it shouldn’t be tough to do.

I bribed my parents to come over two weekends ago with some delicious desserts from Russell’s Cafe and Bakery.


After divulging in sweet heaven, my Dad and I set out to pick up lumber and the chair rail that will be installed (someday) from our local Lowe’s. Now, I’m not sure that every Lowe’s is like this, but here’s a tip: don’t go looking for 16′ chair rail at Lowe’s. They don’t carry anything over 12′ and if you want to avoid having to piece together railing for one wall, you’re better off going to Home Depot.

We didn’t get a chance to start cutting the wood that evening because our lumber search took longer than anticipated, so we piled everything in the garage for the following week.

I was surprised and delighted this past Friday after work to see my Dad had started cutting and assembling the wood while my Mom watched Ev.

He came back over Saturday morning and together we sanded all of the wood, cut the remaining pieces, and drilled in all of the screws to put it together.


After it was done I told my Dad to get the heck out of there before I asked him to work on something else. Ev and I headed back to the store to grab the stain.

My Dad had given me a head’s up that the 1×10’s would soak up the stain faster than the 2x4s, so to be careful when selecting the stain color and applying it. I knew I wanted something rustic, something worn. I decided upon the Weathered Oak by Minwax stain because it had a nice mix of grey (to family with the rest of the house) while being light enough to brighten up the room.

I applied one coat of stain and let it sink in versus rubbing it off.

It wasn’t quite dark enough for my liking, so I applied a second coat of stain roughly two hours after the first and let that also sink in.

I was much happier with the result. I sanded down spots where the stain looked painted instead of natural wear and went back over any rough areas.


I am BEYOND happy with the resulting table. It’s the perfect length (we customized the original plans and made a 7′ table instead of the 6′ 2″ table Ana’s plan makes). The sturdiness of the table makes it a piece that will last and something to be proud of. I’ve already found the matching end table plans from Ana and warned my Dad that we’ll have a project to tackle together in the months to come.

After working hard all weekend, we needed to play, too. Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day in the Lou and we took full advantage of the opportunity to be outside. C.D., Ev, Miz, my parents and I took a ride up to Eckert’s Belleville location and enjoyed peach picking (well, if picking them up off of the ground counts as “picking”), Sno Cones, a little Country Store shopping and some frozen custard (well, minus poor Ev who can’t have anything with egg in it).



This picture is too perfect. It captures the exact moment Ev smoked C.D. in the face with her cup of puffs. The life of a Dad.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekends and achieved everything they’d set out to.


Happy Monday!


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