Everyday Wavy Hair How-To (Thatsa Mouthful)

C.D. was at a surprise bachelor bash all day today (not his… c’mon), so Ev, Miz and I spent the majority of our day outside in the garage with my Dad building the new TV console for the living room. My next post will feature all of the background and detail that went into that so hold tight for photos to come.


My Dad doing what he does best… being the BEST DAD IN THE WORLD! He built this table FROM SCRATCH! I did the sanding and staining… more to come!

Ev and I probably slept a total of five hours last night. Yes, total. Even in college I couldn’t pull an all-nighter as I needed at least seven hours of sleep to be functional… this poor girl’s molars are coming in and she is NOT happy about it (nor should she be, that can’t be comfortable; there’s a reason we can’t remember these kinds of experiences). She surprised me with a bottom molar popping through, as I had been monitoring TWO buds popping up on her top gumline (matching set). Based on this, it looks like this teething experience is going to be much like the last few and the teeth will come in multiples. So while this time in our lives STINKS for her sleep and her general happiness meter during the day, it’s worth it to just get it out of the way.

I digress… the point of THAT story was that she finally took a nap in her crib that was longer than 45 minutes. With time to spare to myself, I threw together this “everyday-wear wavy hair how-to.” Please pardon the bare face, but I truly wasn’t expecting to have five minutes to myself (okay, six). If you happen to recreate this look yourself, I’d love to see how it turns out and hear any tips/tricks that worked for you! Tag #longoliving so I can see. 🙂


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