Gettin’ Messy: The Messy Updo for Short Hair

I’ve ALWAYS loved playing around with my hair. Whether it’s chopping it, growing it out, dying it a multitude of colors, curling it, straightening it… you name it. I’ve done it (except for a perm… I haven’t and probably never will go there). I even played barber shop on my best friend when we were five or six and gave her a nice uneven chop. I’m lucky to be alive to this day…

I’ve been asked to style hair for family and friends in the past, including styles for dances and even weddings. I LOVE hair and the versatility it can provide. One minute you can look completely unkempt and the next chic and styled.

SO… on the days when you want to look like you tried at least a LITTLE and the basic pony isn’t working for you, try this messy low updo. Hell, do this when you want to look like you tried even when the kids won’t let you. And for those with short hair who say “I can’t do anything with it…” — these are all lies. Folks with short hair can do this.

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