Reinvigorated (and C’MON Fall!)

When you and your baby rarely sleep, it’s really easy to feel bogged down with even the smallest things.

But now that my little stinker has been sleeping better, thanks in large part to her new-found skill of WALKING, I’ve been sleeping better.

This means I’m feeling refreshed and ready to get my life back in order.

First order of business? Cleaning the damn mess that was my house. I know many moms can attest to doing their absolute best to keeping a clean house, but this usually means a spray of 409 on the counters here and a quick pass of the vacuum cleaner there.

Our poor house needed some serious TLC and my parents were INCREDIBLY gracious enough to offer to watch Ev overnight last Saturday so I could clean the house.



These three love each other so much — and ALWAYS have a great time!


I made the most of the opportunity to have the house to myself and got down and dirty.

I danced to loud music.

I drank wine (lots of it).

And I hustled and bustled around that house.

Four hours and an almost empty bottle of wine later, the entire top floor was scrubbed TOP TO BOTTOM.


I may have had more wine than I should have to really clean the first level right, but at least in my self-indulged stupor I went over the carpet a few times (read: five times). So that’s clean at least, right?





I also used Sunday to re-organize Ev’s room. For quite some time the diaper station hasn’t been used because she’s too mobile to safely set up top. We (read: I) moved the station out of her room, set up a cubed shelving unit in her closet to hold the diaper supplies, lotions and burp clothes and shuffled around the furniture. Her room feels SO much bigger than 10’x10′. Now if only I could keep it consistently clean and tidy…

I also pulled the plug on the poor Begonias that were lining the front of the house because they just weren’t a fan of the STL summer heat. In their place now stand several colorful varieties that fare better in full sun (I’m sorry, but I’m terrible with remembering their variety names).

Although we both were workin’, workin’, workin’ through the weekend, C.D. and I did get to enjoy a nice, quiet breakfast at The Shack together. It was nice to eat without feeling rushed and especially over BREAKFAST food, which happens to be my absolute favorite. I enjoyed the Big Crunch, which was such a treat! I’m usually a pancakes and eggs gal, but with Ev’s new egg allergy (and myself still nursing), I wanted to go a different route. I was not disappointed and filled myself up by eating the WHOLE serving. Oops.


That’s what we’ve been up to… this weekend I have several plans that I’m excited to update you on including:

  • “X” Console Table we’re building (no more shelves, C.D. put the kibosh on that idea… turd)
  • Dining Room Chair Rail (we’re FINALLY picking up the rail, painting it and hopefully installing it before the end of the weekend)
  • NICU Care Bags (I’m assembling all of the goodies this weekend and preparing them to be dropped off next week)

Until then, HAPPY FRIDAY!



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