Dining Room Update: It’s Navy (and DARK)!

Well, we did a thing. We went for it and painted the Dining Room navy and white.

And no, not a shade of navy that’s comfortably blue while still light. It’s navy-navy. And… I… LOVE IT!

Here are some before and after shots.

BEFORE: Drab tan/mustard yellow walls.


PROGRESS: The walls were so dirty that C.D.’s Mom scrubbed them for us while watching E last week because the paint would not stick!



DURING: C.D. and his Dad are the painters of the family — I stay out of the way because my painting work is pretty shoddy.


AFTER: It’s blue! And did I mention I love it?



It’s definitely dark, but I plan to lighten the room a tad and play up more of the blue with a large hanging mirror on the wall shared with the kitchen. Eventually I’ll add sheer white curtains and these beauties inspired by a project my sister-in-law, Carrie, did in her own Dining Room.



These framed pieces of “art” were simple DIYs. I purchased three empty frames (18″ x 24″) from Hobby Lobby. I then browsed their fabric department to find complimentary colors that flow with the rest of the house (circle pattern and arrow pattern). I selected these because of the greige, navy and light blue colors that family with the remainder of the first floor.

Guys, this project was SUPER cheap in the grand scheme of purchasing “art.” If you head to Pier 1 or even Target, framed pieces (if you can even find anything in the colors you want) are at least $50/piece due to their size. All of the frames plus the cloth cost me $85! That’s it!

E had a productive weekend as well! Little Miss was working on her education through her touch-and-feel books. She’s been able to “find the monkey” with great accuracy! She points to it and claps to let us know. She’s also getting THIS much closer to walking. She now stands with good balance and walks with assistance using only one hand. I’m terrified for everything around the house (I forsee lots of broken knick-knacks), but also so excited for her because that girl RUNS when she holds both of our hands. She wants to move!


She also decided that now is a good time to start learning to crawl the stairs. No, not a good idea. We’ll be visiting Buy Buy Baby this week to pick up an extra set of baby gates.


Playing “grrrr” with Daddy. She laughs so hard when you pretend to bite at her fingers. 


HAM! The second you turn the camera towards her she points and smiles really big. We’re in trouble…


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  1. Shelly Wolfe says:

    If you’re interested in baby gates, you should check out these designer gate from FusionGates.com. They are made by a local inventor and feature an interchangeable art screen system. The DIY screen would be great for you if you’d like to create a unique look that blends with your blues and griege!

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