A Little Red, White and BLUE Action

Happy (belated) Fourth of July, y’all!

A three-day (plus half-day Friday) weekend but it still seems like I blinked and it was over. We had a great weekend getting things done while still having a little fun despite the dreary Saint Louis weather.

Let’s start with Friday. Friday we bought a car. Yep, sounds very nonchalant, but let me tell you, this was two years in the making.

When we moved to Houston, C.D.’s lease on the Nissan Altima was expiring. I rode his ass to trade it in for another vehicle but with moving and starting a new demanding role in his company, the car was pushed to the wayside.

Fast forward to 2015, and we were JUST about to buy the same car (Infiniti Q50) but stopped when Houston only offered RWD vehicles (because who needs AWD when it’s AT MOST a low of 50 all year). Knowing we’d either end up back in Saint Louis or another city more north with snow, we knew we had to have an AWD car. So, again, we stopped.

Well, I finally hit my breaking point when I realized not only were we paying for a car we didn’t own, the amount to buy it outright was STUPIDLY more than it should be. So, I told C.D. it’s now or now and off to Infiniti we went. We decided on a very pretty, very shiny black Q50 with several upgrades and I feel like quite the technologically savvy woman when I drive it (while also looking super puny).


He SO did not want me taking this picture, but he looks SO HANDSOME! Look at that smile. 🙂


Little gal in a nice-sized sedan. Thanks, Erica, for this goofy snap.

Sunday was spent enjoying the holiday a day early with family and friends. Ev got to catch up with her best friend Elena at her first birthday and I got to see MY best friend and Elena’s mommy, Alicia.


I worked on several new Evvie+Me orders for custom tees, including a few pictured below. I’m so eager to see the tees ON those who’ve ordered them and it’s pretty tough to wait that part out. It feels like Christmas for me when I ship out the tees. I love the reactions! 🙂

Monday was spent making several home interior updates. One included adding safety latches to all of the cabinets because Little Ev is pulling up and walking along EVERYTHING. In addition to this, she’s also discovered how much fun unloading can be and is obsessed with pulling everything out of anything she can. This includes items such as the goodies in her diaper bag, the diapers in her diaper basket, the contents of my purse… my fast-action cleaning has really started to pick up.

C.D. wasn’t feeling well (I won’t elaborate on why, but I think you can guess for yourself), so my Dad swung by to install the new black light fixture and thermostat I purchased from Lowes.

And after looking at red, white and BLUE all weekend, I decided that THIS weekend we will finally move forward with painting the dining room in the navy color I’ve always loved. For a refresh on the look we’re going for, see below for my inspiration.


Wish us luck – I’ll be posing BEFORE/AFTER photos next week once the room is painted. Then next up will be the DIY floating shelves I spoke about last week… I’ve decided it’s a go!



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