Sleep: Maybe in Another 30 Years

I realize it’s been almost two full weeks since I’ve posted through the blog, but I made a commitment to keeping this blog alive and I’m not giving up now!

The featured photo for this post pretty much sums up my focus the past two weeks: baby, work, tees. Getting the old beauty rest? Not high on the list at the moment.

I’ve been dividing my time between my full-time job, being momma-bear and working in my passion project, Evvie+Me. I’m tired. But I’m not complaining (really, I’m not).


I’m a little crazy, I realize, for adding a new, time-consuming hobby to my already crazy schedule, but I’m seriously LOVING t-shirt designing. In a short period of time, I’ve managed to design, cut and create six of my own tees for promotional purposes as well as produce 13 orders, with one big bulk order and several mommy/daddy+me sets to come this week.


The Evvie+Me: Little Bears tees are a HIT!

The thing is, I’m used to going-going-going. I’ve always been told to slow down, enjoy the moment. But I almost have a NEED to be busy. Growing up my daily routines were always school, soccer, dinner and then bedtime. The next day was repeated but with another sport (like volleyball, dance or softball) or activity such as camp or Girl Scouts. Weekends were spent at soccer/volleyball tournaments or watching my sister at her weekend-long gymnastics meets. When we did have free time, we spent it playing outside or in the basement with our neighbors.

Since I haven’t figured out my weekly exercise routine, I at least now have something fun to look forward to after I clean up the day’s bottles and prep Ev’s bag for the next day. Whereas I used to throw in some laundry and maybe watch a TV show or surf Pinterest before crashing, I’m now doing something I REALLY like doing. It’s rewarding to say the least.

We’re also making progress on the exterior of the house. We finally caved and purchased a much-needed weed whacker. Seriously, the things you get excited about as you approach 30 is astounding. I would like to publicly apologize for all of the things I made fun of my parents for “celebrating” in the past.


Now THIS is what a manicured lawn should look like. Kudos to Longo for his edging technique. Now to keep it this way…


I also learned that when people say “Round-Up kills everything you spray it on,” they weren’t kidding. I made a few “oops” around our retaining wall. Thankfully the heat of a Saint Louis summer has arrived, so maybe the dead grass will blend in with the soon-to-be-yellow-because-it’s-so-freaking-hot grass. Let’s hope not!

Speaking of weeds, little Ev is certainly growing like one! We switched from the Earth’s Best organic baby foods to Plum Organics (due to their variety of flavors and tastes) and this girl now LOVES her meals. She’s also started working on chewing through the introduction of Puffs and she now yells at you if you eat something in front of her without giving her a Puff to enjoy, too.


Plum Organics have been QUITE the good decision. She went from eating just a few tablespoons of baby food per feeding to eating the whole bag. This Longo likes her food (well, ALL Longos like their food).


Miz now LOVES high-chair time. Evs eating Puffs means extras for Miz.

She’s learned to pull herself up and stand-and-play, which is fun and scary at the same time (like the time I caught her trying to pull herself up on our bar — too soon, child, too soon). She’s dying to walk and I give her a month before she’s running around freely on her own. Yes, I said running because when we assist her with walking she tries to run.

She’s her mother’s daughter.


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