Kicking Off Summer with “Firsts”

I absolutely cannot believe it is summer already.

Every year I talk about how the first half of the year creeps by until summer finally rolls around and then everything is a whirl through the fall (birthdays) and winter (Halloween, Thanksgiving into Christmas, which I always go WILD and CRAZY on celebrating).

But this year, well, this year we’ve had a LOT more going on than usual and summer somehow caught me by surprise.

  • A Growing and Changing-Daily Baby
  • New House Maintenance and Updates
  • New Job(s) with New Responsibilities

We’ve had no short of entertainment and activities to keep us on our toes.

But alas, the warm, humid heat of a Saint Louis summer is here.

Saint Louis summers are the best – warm patio nights dining out with friends, yard games and cool libations enjoyed by the pool and longer days with a later-setting sun.

But this year will be different with having a little one in tow, so I’ll instead celebrate summer’s arrival by toasting a few firsts.

First first?

I ran…


with a jogging stroller!

This may sound so trivial because lots of Moms have been out there kicking butt at exercise post-baby, but I haven’t actually RAN since I was 30 weeks pregnant with Ev. And even this was a sluggish, sweaty mess jog along the coast of the Gulf in Destin. No, this run was a grueling, “hot because I’m workin’ hard” run.

I had a brief jog with the pup after Ev was born but, my gosh, that was more of a walk/trot because (ahem) certain places weren’t feeling quite so “normal.”

This recent return-to-the-pavement was a real, effort-driven run and to top it off it came with the added labor of pushing a stroller with an 18-pound babe strapped in while simultaneously guiding (let’s be honest, more like yanking) a 75-pound Labrador Retriever in the direction I was trying to go (Gentle Leader be damned).

Think I’m done bragging? No, this was not just one spur of the moment run. I’ve run a FEW times in the past two weeks and my goodness it’s felt glorious! Now, I’m not running at my Houston pace but I’m moving. And let me tell you, the hills in my neighborhood are NO JOKE so these feats are praiseworthy in my humble opinion (I’ll go ahead and throw in a little pat-pat on the old back).


What other firsts in the last two weeks? We took Ev to her FIRST swim! We visited my brother-in-law’s subdivision pool over Memorial Day weekend and let little E sit her cute swimmy-suit buns in the water. I expected her to holler out in surprise and/or shock at the chilly temperature of the freshly-filled pool, but this little mermaid simply sat there and looked around at all of the kids playing and splashing ahead of her. She loved it!


She wore an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, WHITE polka dot bikini… you know how it goes.

Did I get a photo of said first? NOPE. I was too busy enjoying the moment. But I did manage to capture a couple of snaps of her in her tiny blow-up pool at our house the following day. Even Miz took part in the water fun and kept Ev company.


Giddy at the tram ride – look at that face!

Ev also had her FIRST trip to Grant’s Farm with her cousins, Aunt Carrie and Nanie. Grant’s Farm was always one of my favorite places to visit as a child. Sitting in the tram taking in all of the seemingly exotic animals (buffalo) made me feel so carefree and wild. While I didn’t get to join them, Carrie and Nanie took lots of pictures for me to add to her baby book. She looked so happy that I simply cannot wait to take her back in the very near future.


Taking in the Elephant show with her Nanie and cousin Abby.

A seemingly small first, but a first nonetheless – Ev wore a BOW in her hair! I know this is stupid (no, really stupid), but as a Mom who is constantly explaining my “blurring gender lines” name choice and telling people, “Oh, she’s actually a girl,” getting a bow in that fine patch of hair is a more helpful way of displaying her gender. And, let’s be more honest than ever, soon she’ll be pulling that out and insisting on dressing herself. So for now, I’ll enjoy it.


Showing her favor for the red, white and blue on Memorial Day Weekend. Her salute to patriotism went to her great-grandfathers, Great Grandpa Hilson, Great Grandpa Kozemczak and Great Grandpa Schoenbeck, and to her Uncle Chris — all wonderful men who risked their lives to keep our country the “land of the free” that it is today. We also saluted those who didn’t get to come home to their families and friends and made the ultimate sacrifice for the country they loved so much.

Lastly, little miss stood herself up in her bed. Don’t get me wrong, she’s been pulling herself up somewhat assisted for a few weeks, but this little mover-and-shaker did the official pull-myself-up-in-bed maneuver the other night as I was putting her down. I think we’re in for it now.


Our favorite new activity? NOT sitting down. This girlfriend is working on those biceps and triceps like a good girl should. 🙂

I’ve also been forging ahead with Evvie+Me designs. See below for a few new creations and designs in the works.


Made these proclamations for Motherhood for my best friend, Alicia, and her darling babe.


Demoing my latest creation to test the fit.

That’s it for now! Our next big house project is tackling the landscaping in the backyard, so stay tuned for progress on that to come!


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