Introducing “Evvie+Me”

Earlier this week I wrote a post about my venture into entrepreneurialism. Today, I want to FORMALLY (okay, not formally, but BLOG-ALLY) introduce the name of my little shop: Evvie+Me.

With many of my planned products centering around “Mommy and Me,” I knew I wanted a name for the shop that represented what I hold closest to my heart — my daughter. My sister, a second child, gave me flack about any future children and I assured her we’ll investigate a re-brand when that time comes.


With momentum going, I want to share with you some of the designs and options I have in the works. I’ll also provide pricing for those interested in picking up their own custom tees. I believe in full transparency, so I’ll give you an explanation behind my pricing.


Evvie+Me: Sunshine


Evvie+Me: Sunshine – This set is modeled after the beautiful and well-known song. Evvie is my rainbow baby, so it’s most appropriate that she, the sunshine in my life after a time of darkness, has a “Sunshine” option.


Evvie+Me: Little Bears

Evvie+Me: Little Bears – I explained in my last post that I’ve been called KayBear for a better portion of my life. We, the family of little bears, had to offer the “Little Bear” designs for other Mama and Baby bears.

Also in the works are fun, Mom Life-centric options. I’m still playing with the fonts on these, so if you’re interested, send me a note to get a special sneak peek.

  • Evvie+Me: Miniatures
    • Mommy: Original
    • Baby: Mini-Me
  • Evvie+Me: House Wine
    • Mommy: I’ll have the house red
    • Baby: I’ll have the house white
  • Evvie+Me: Sleepy Mamas (Can you tell this one is near and dear to my heart?)
    • Moms:
      • M: But first, Coffee
      • M: Starbucks Obsessed
      • M: Coffee Addict
      • M: Sleepless
    • Babies:
      • B: Who Needs Sleep?
      • B: Insomniac
      • B: I’m sorry you’re tired… NOT
      • B: All Nighter
  • Evvie+Me: Social
    • Moms:
      • #Mama
      • #MomLife
      • #InstaMom
    • Babies:
      • #LittleOne
      • #Baby
      • #InstaBaby

It’s been really fun coming up with phrases for the coordinating sets. If you have something special only to you and your babe, let me know and I can design something ORIGINAL to you!

Now on to the pricing. As I mentioned above, I believe in transparency, and at the end of the day, I’m doing this because it’s not only fun, but also profitable.

People often ask (including me when first starting on this journey) how you come up with pricing? It’s not just a random number, but instead a combination of overhead, labor and shipping costs.

  • Mommy+Me Sets: $39.95
    • Overhead: $18
    • Labor: $15
    • Shipping (eliminate for local, pick-up orders!): $6.95 via USPS Priority Mail
  • Mommy Tees: $26.95
    • Overhead: $10
    • Labor: $10
    • Shipping (eliminate for local, pick-up orders!): $6.95 via USPS Priority Mail
  • Baby Onesies: $22.95
    • Overhead: $6
    • Labor: $10
    • Shipping (eliminate for local, pick-up orders!): $6.95 via USPS Priority Mail

If you’re wondering how long it takes me to knock out a set of Mommy+Me tees, I typically spend at minimum an hour of time (after the initial design is done through the computer) getting the vinyl prepped, set-up, and adhering the artwork to the tees.

Yes, I realize I am probably slower than other people at this, but I do the vinyl-to-tee application by HAND instead of via transfer paper. Yes, this may sound silly and can be a time-suck, but I’m a perfectionist when it comes to art (not so much in other areas of my life…) and I want everything done just right.

As for my little shop, I do plan to expand to other goods outside of tees. If you have a need for something that isn’t necessarily apparel, send me a message! I’d be happy to talk to you to see if I can help.

Many thanks in advance for your support and consideration. Ev and I are really excited to be able to make something special for all of you!


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