That’s quite the word, huh?

I’ve been so inspired by the entrepreneurs surrounding me that I decided to join them.

C.D.’s brother went straight from school into opening his own chiropractic clinic in Tennessee. After pouring his heart and soul into the business, he’s since expanded into many different medical wellness operations, all proving to be successful due to his hard work mindset.

My other brother-in-law on the Longo side is hard at work opening his own physical therapy clinic (the Longo family is comprised of motivated individuals). With three young children all leading active, busy lives, one might think that opening a new business isn’t a possibility. But this man is so intelligent and works so hard that I KNOW as soon as this clinic opens he’ll be off and running with new clients.

My brother-in-law on the Kozemczak side of the family also decided to explore his talents and in addition to holding a job as a real estate lawyer, he flips houses in his spare time. Yes, I said IN HIS SPARE TIME. Seriously, this guy has willpower tattooed on his forehead (not literally, but he might as well).

And finally, my husband recently started his own law firm with a good friend of his, which has done amazingly well provided how long they’ve been open (only a matter of months!). His work ethic, ability to think in the now and the future, perseverance and confidence (and a slew of contacts around the St. Louis area) has led to his little firm taking off. It seems like each week he’s taking on new clients and a diverse set of case types. I’m so proud of him for taking a chance and doing something different (despite the risks) and for setting a wonderful example for our daughter and future children.


This guy is not only a kick-ass lawyer, but an even KICK-ASSer Daddy!

I thought to myself, “Why sit on the sidelines and THINK about doing something to make a little extra money when I could take the plunge and (as Nike says) just DO it?”

So, I did. After much research, I settled on the Cricut Explore Air, purchased it (and a slew of starter vinyl and cotton) and got to work yesterday on designing my own t-shirts. I realize this isn’t a huge or even “legitimate” business, but I’m going to put my all into making awesome, creative and personalized pieces. I’m still working on a shop name, but I dipped my toes in the water and got started on making custom tees yesterday.


Getting to work! I’ve converted our rarely-used dining room table to my little Cricut work station.

We call ourselves “Little Bears” in my family. Friends have always called me “Kay Bear,” so once we took in Mizzy, I became Mama Bear, she was Mizzy Bear, and C.D. was Poppa Bear. Enter E and we now have Baby Bear. I knew I wanted to start with something “Bear” related, so I designed these little tees.

IMG_1118.JPG   IMG_1122

A little learning curve, I quickly realized you don’t print directly onto the vinyl when testing out fonts. Oops. “mama” and “baby” printed a little too tightly in the bear shape with the gold sparkle vinyl making it a challenge to read. I’ll still wear it and dress E in her’s, but lesson learned for anything I make for customers.


I also figured out that gold outline fonts don’t work as well on colored fabric, such as the “Mizzy Bear” bandana. She still looks darling in it, but at least I know for the future!


Yes, that really does say “Mizzy” in there… look closely. 🙂

I ended my evening with a onesie nod to the only thing that E challenges us on – SLEEP. This onesie turned out better and was quicker to make than the first few pieces.


All nighters used to be intentional… not so much these days.

I’m so excited to make a few Mommy+Me shirts for friends of mine and their darling babes that I’ll be running out to the store this week to pick up more vinyl colors and tees. Check back to see new shirt options and maybe even a few tees for sale. 😉

What else did I take the plunge on this weekend? Chopping my hair. I always like to switch it up, as I get bored with the same hairstyle and color after awhile. My stylist and family friend, Angela, did a FANTASTIC job mimicking the lob style I was after. Seriously, consider her if you’re in need of a new stylist. An added perk? Her salon is an Aveda Concept salon, so all products she uses are top-notch and smell amazing.


Inspiration: RHW’s Lob


Finished style (don’t worry, I was stopped when taking this selfie…)!

Phew! So it was a whirlwind of a weekend but productive I’d have to say. Check back soon for the official “opening” of my shop – I hope I can get creative and make something fun for you, my readers!


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