Would YOU Pretty Please Shop from Me?

**Update: C.D. thinks my little shop idea is a great idea and is on board with investing in a Cricut or Silhouette (now I’m torn on which to buy)! Keep checking in to see progress on my creations. I’m SO EXCITED!**

I’ve been slacking at getting my post up this week, but it’s for good reason.

Poor little E has been covered in an itchy, scratchy, blistery rash for the better part of the week. On top of her rash, she’s teething on the bottom again (so far she officially has five teeth – two up top and three on the bottom) so her mood has been less than ideal.


Blisters and all, she still looks darling to me. 🙂

I took a sick day yesterday to tend to her, let her rest comfortably and keep her hydrated. I’m so happy I did. Today her rash is clearing up nicely, her low-grade fever is gone and her mood is much improved. In fact, she’s having a great time with Aunt E. 🙂


These are the kinds of pictures I get when my sister babysits… this stache is more impressive than C.D.’s!

We also made a small (but MAJOR on looks) improvement to the house this weekend. C.D. hired a power-washing crew to come by and clean up the dirt and grime on the house. And MAN, does it look so much cleaner or what?!



E couldn’t make it through our morning walk and decided to pass out like this JUST before we arrived home.


My beautiful Miz loves to sit in her yard and keep watch over the neighborhood.

So to the point of today’s post since I mentioned shopping: I have a strong desire to get creative, but I need help from YOU to convince C.D. to get on board.

As of late, the word-art tees and custom monogram applications have grown in popularity. Add a new mom to this mix and there is some SERIOUS want to create “baby and me” matching outfits.

I’m doing my best to twist C.D.’s arm to let me go wild and purchase a Cricut Explore – these little hobby machines aren’t cheap, nor are their parts and pieces. I love art, I love being artsy-fartsy, and THIS is my determination: to create fun, personal and giftable items such as tees, vinyl decals and other home decor type gifts for purchase.

His initial concern with this random investment of mine is that I won’t dedicate the time it takes to actually make use of this product. I agree it’s expensive, as are the materials, but if I can convince him that friends, family and other stylish folk might be interested in purchasing an item from my shop, then he’ll let me invest in myself and purchase one.

He followed through with the comment that I’ll fall through with my plans and let my goals fall behind (I do usually look to him for motivation). BUT, I’ve kept up with my blog haven’t I? I’m determined!

Below are several personalized, custom and thoughtful ideas that really got me excited – what do you think? Would you purchase something like this if I bought a Cricut and made them myself? What other kinds of giftable items would you be interested in purchasing locally?

Tell me in the “Comments” section with a Yes or No!


Sweet home decor like this word art tea towel


Custom “Word Art” Water Bottles


Adorable “Word Art” Mommy+Me Tees

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  1. Amy says:

    I love you shop and what’s better than buying something that helps support a friend, right?!


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