It’s Gonna be “May,” Which Means MOTHER’S DAY

Ooooh man, April FLEW by! We’ve had a busy few weekends and the trend continues over the next few weekends.

To quickly recap our Garage Sale, the forecast called for rain and rain it did. We had steady rainfall all morning, but that didn’t slow the bargain shoppers. Most of our “treasures” were decor or furniture related, so they were a little harder to move than I’d anticipated. However, after five hours, my mother-in-law, parents and I made a collective $300. Not bad for a first-time sale! I learned a few lessons that I’ll certainly apply to future sales.

In other family news, little sister is GRADUATING this weekend! And no, I’m not talking about high school or undergraduate school (achievements of themselves)… this smarty pants is GRADUATING FROM PHARMACY SCHOOL!


Check out the white coat on Smarty-McSmartsSmarts! So proud of you, Er-Bear (on the right; I stole your photo, Rachel, I hope you don’t mind!)!

She’s worked so hard over the past four years and learned so much along the way. I’m so proud of her for her determination and drive (and patience). Now, as she prepares to enter the workforce (and make a buttload of money off the bat), I get to share with her all of the unwanted work-related advice I’ve accumulated over the past eight years.


Auntie E is about to be Auntie E, PharmD!

Also this weekend is Mother’s Day! I’m so excited to share this special day with C.D. and E, though I admittedly self-celebrated this holiday last year (and toasted to Spike in heaven and E in the belly). This year we’ll celebrate the occasion Sunday night with the Longo side of the family and next weekend with my parents.


My gorgeous mother and I – most people say I look like my Mom. While my Dad is a handsome man, I’m so blessed I have my Mother’s smile!

My Mom and I are so much alike – we’re both strong-willed, silly and emotional. When we laugh, we laugh hard. When we bicker, we fight strong but make up quickly.

She’s more than just my Mom, she’s my friend. I can talk to her about ANYTHING and everything. I take so many lessons from my childhood and experiences with her into my own motherhood. I pray E and I are as close as my Mom and I are when she’s older.

So what does one with such an amazing, inspirational mother do to celebrate this woman?

I’ve accumulated several ideas of what gifts a Momma might like. Some ideas are tangible while others are more experience-focused.



A Date with your Mom

For those like us who are often going, going, going, spending quality time with your Mom is often pushed to the wayside. Tell your Mom how special she is to you by taking her on a “date!”

Create an itinerary for the two (or more) of you that includes a nice lunch/brunch and perhaps tickets to a movie you two might enjoy.

Why not take a trip back in time and surprise her with a trip to a local “family fun park,” the kind of place with bumper cars, mini golf and arcade games. This kind of date allows you to be silly and reminisce on when you were young — something Moms like to do.

Or, look up local cooking classes and spend time together learning new recipes you can make together in the future. You’ll make memories along the way!


Pampering Time

Roll your eyes since this is a “tried and true” gift, but as a new mom, it’s no fallacy that we often devote little to no time to ourselves.

My poor toes have gone with chipped to no nail polish quite often lately as the only time I have to paint them would be after a shower at the very end of a long day. And let’s be honest, you’d rather just get in bed at that point than spend time cleaning up your nails.

Consider booking your Mom a spa appointment (and not just getting her a gift certificate). This ensures she HAS to make the time to visit the salon — if you pick up a gift certificate, it could very likely get put in the back of a drawer never to be seen again.

If she’s one to never have alone time, book the appointment for one. But, if you think she might like quality time with you, which I’m SURE she will, make the appointment for two (and yes, men, you might enjoy a pedicure as well — you can skip the polish)!


Recreate a Childhood Memory (or Mother’s Day from the past)

Did I mention Moms like to reminisce? E is only 7.5 months old and I sit here constantly in wonder of how much she’s changed and accomplished in that short amount of time. I can only imagine how my Mom must feel with 29 years of memories.

Take her back in time by recreating a childhood memory. Did you make it a tradition to visit a special little restaurant and order a very particular dish or dessert? Do it again!

Did you take camping trips and make s’mores while telling funny or scary stories? Recreate this experience in your own backyard! Have a sleepover like you did when you were young!

And TAKE PICTURES! You want to preserve these memories for years to come and to share with your own children.


Create a Weekly (or Bi-Weekly) Walk Date

Pick up a stylish but comfortable pair of tennies for your Mom and set a weekly walk date. You can use this time to catch up on your lives while getting a bit of exercise and fresh air in the process.


Not sure you can devote time as you’d like and would rather pick something up? Here are a few ideas to get you going!

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.49.08 AM

Birthstone or Monogrammed Jewelry

When E was born, all I wanted was something with her name on it. As our second wedding anniversary gift, C.D. purchased a beautiful monogram necklace for me that had her initials inscribed in a script font.

Do the same for your Mom by getting her jewelry with the initials of her children (or just your initials if you’re an only child). Monogramming does take time, so if you are interested in this idea, print out a photo of her gift with a note as to when it’s expected to arrive.

You can also create stackable rings or bracelets with the birthstones if you don’t want to wait for a monogrammed piece to ship.


Create Everyday Art from Childhood “Art”

If your Mom is like mine, she probably has stacks of old childhood notes and drawings in a box somewhere. Make use of these and have them framed so she always has a glimpse of little you.

Or, if you have time to be crafty, make these darling tea towels out of your pen/pencil art.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.54.50 AM

Start a Mother/Child Garden

Start a new tradition by planting perennials or shrubs in a special designated part of your parents’ yard. Each year purchase a new plant and put it in the ground with your Mom.

Even cooler? Start a vegetable garden! Help her tend to her garden from time to time, cook with your results and take photos of your progress.

I hope you find this list useful! Do you have any additional ideas that are out of the box but special to you? Share them in the comments!




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