New Category! Mom- and Dad-isms

Eye-roll. Yes, every Mom and Dad think they are hilarious or that their struggle is “more real” than other parents. I know, major eye-roll at this topic, but stay with me.


The SECOND time Dad dressed E backwards for daycare. And never mind the “Big Bang Theory” nerd-level socks she’s rocking. This kid cannot keep socks on for the life of her so we resort to drastic measures to avoid losing them.

I cannot express often enough how dumb I’ve become since getting pregnant. No, not just after the baby arrived, but well before. The “Mom Brain” is a very real, real thing people.

I would like to think that C and I are intelligent people. But the lack of sleep and the endless need to multitask in ways never experienced before can make even the smartest people question themselves on a daily basis. Like the time I made breakfast pizza without the eggs – the most important part of a BREAKFAST pizza.

I’m starting a new category to capture these more-often-than-we’d-like moments of stupidity. They’re only going to increase in number when we add to our family, so it’s important that I put them down on… er… paper for when we have a chance to re-energize our brain cells and think to ourselves, “What the f&*# were we thinking?”

Enjoy our most recent two “ugh” moments!




C asked me if I could track how much we spend on the BBB each month. In complete seriousness, I replied, “This month would be askew because I bought two birthday presents.” He said, “No, K, the actual BBB. As in the BBB – Better Business Bureau. What did you think I meant?” I said, “Buy Buy Baby?” I seriously need to evaluate my frequent trips to this store…


Baby Bra

C was dressing Ev in her room while I got ready for an outing in our bathroom. I hear him shout down the hall, “K, where’s her bra?”

Confused, I replied, “Her what?!”

He said again, “Her bra, you know, to put under the dress.”

I shouted back, “Babies don’t wear bras, C…”

After a few moments of silence, he shouted back, “Well you know what I meant. Where’s the thing that goes under this dress?”

I again replied, “Nothing but her diaper and diaper cover  goes under that dress…”




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