Take Me Back to Pinterest Land

Well, I didn’t get done what I wanted to last week, so I’ve been UBER Pinterest driven this week.

I fell madly in love with Pinterest about four years ago. C and I had been living together for two years and our house was a mish-mosh of furniture and accessories from our college years. A co-worker invited me to the newest social media craze and I was HOOKED.

It started with “Fashion” – I was going to refresh myself using my existing wardrobe. I tried every makeup tip the site had to offer. I followed tips to the tee but for some reason I didn’t become an Instagram model like the pins showed… sigh.


Who doesn’t want to look cozy yet chic at the airport? I thought I did until I traveled frequently for work/personal life and realized I’m much more suited to sweatshirts, yoga pants and Converse with my hair in a high bun.

Then it moved to “Home Decor” – I started making weekly visits to Pier 1, At Home and Target to accessorize our dwellings in style. My wallet did not thank me, nor did C who didn’t understand why I was randomly buying lanterns and throw pillow after throw pillow.

Next it was “Food” – Lord knows I cannot cook for the life of me. I try, but with a true chef in my husband, do I really try? Probably not. Anyway, I did try several pins and several cream cheese puff pastries later, I moved on. Except for the cocktails – I made plenty of those and they were actually appreciated.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.28.21 PM

I made this fancy grilled cheese while down in Houston. My husband and our at-the-time roommate did not partake in enjoying this, but it was actually really good. And I felt fancy.

“DIY” – Something I would love to actually do, and I’ve pinned many a project, but I’ve made ZERO of the things I’ve found. Oops.

“Wedding” – I DID do several DIY projects I found for our wedding. The pumpkin centerpieces were really fun and we had lots of compliments on them. The bridesmaids’ bouquets were also inspired by a Pinterest find. Score!


Our colors were navy and orange and our wedding was in November. Purple was a pretty compliment to the navy.


Ahh, I loved my little pumpkin table numbers! I was sad when they tossed all of the little pie pumpkins post-wedding.

“Baby” – I knew what my little boy or girl’s room was going to look like long before they came along. I did stick to the plan (mostly), but I wasn’t as crafty as I wanted to be.

“Holidays” – Man, we did find a win with this one. When throwing our second annual Friends Christmas Dinner, we were perusing Pinterest for picture frame quotes. We stumbled upon a line from Christmas Vacation and immediately thought of throwing our own costume party. The theme was a HUGE hit.


The Griswold Family (we were Clark and Ellen) – Christmas 2013



Over time I drifted away from Pinterest. Probably because my actual use of and need for the content there was dwindling.

So now that we’re settled in to the new digs, E is growing up and more active and I really need to get back into the kitchen to help pull my weight, it seems to be a great time to jump back into the old land of Pinterest. Ugh… but where to start?

  1. I pledge to wipe the slate clean. I’ve pinned SO many ideas and photos (7,270 pins to be exact), but I really haven’t looked at any of them in years. So, as part of my Spring cleaning, I’m starting over and deleting all of my boards (except for Baby E’s party ideas because those can still happen…).
  2. I pledge to pin ideas that I can actually do… as in accomplish… I may not ever have a Pinterest-worthy party or stain my end tables myself, but by golly I’m going to do my best to.
  3. I pledge to act my age. No more pinning ridiculous crop-top outfits, too-expensive-to-maintain hairstyles and makeup tricks that have no business appearing on a 29-almost-30-year-old.
  4. I pledge to keep my wallet in mind. I can and may have expensive taste, but unless that pin is for the knock-off version, it has no business appearing on my boards.

So what would you Pin today if you were just starting over (or starting for the first time)? I’d love your thoughts and suggestions!

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