Spring Cleaning and Reno Inspiration

Ahhh the Spring. A time of rejuvenation and a time to PURGE.

Spring Cleaning Just Ahead Green Road Sign and Clouds

Yep… hopefully it’s done this weekend, but if not, it definitely starts then!

I’m a pack-rat. I’ll openly admit I have a problem, but that doesn’t mean I’m on the road to recovery. However, since moving everything into the new house, I’ve come to realize just how big of a problem I have.

Last night, as C was packing for his weekend trip, we noticed I have THREE plastic travel bags – one in the hall closet, one in the guest bathroom and one in our bathroom (at least I think there’s just one…). Yeah, I guess I don’t really need three.

So, with a weekend alone with the babe and the pup, I think it’s time to consider purging some of my crap. On top of the “Great Toss-Away of 2016,” I also plan to start fertilizing the yard. Sounds sexy, right? Well, it is to this first-time homeowner. We have had our own yards before – at the house on Reavis and the house in Houston. But it was never OUR yard, so the motivation to keep it tip-top wasn’t there. Well, we’re not going to be the hoosier house on the block.


Go, C, go! Clean those windows and get those shutters up!

See those bushes? And the lava rock? Buh-bye. This house has SO much potential that I’m going Pinterest-crazy trying to find new landscaping ideas. Here’s what I’m loving at the moment.


Beautiful white knock-out roses to contrast some pops of color.


Hydrangeas are so full of color and look beautiful when trimmed up in a small indoor vase. I’m thinking purple or blue for our morning sun.

I’m also going to schedule a power-washing company to come help that siding. God love the previous owners, but c’mon. There’s a layer of dirt on this house that couldn’t have happened in just a year. This is YEARS of dirt we’re looking at.

As for the inside of the house, here are just a few of the rooms that need love.


This bookshelf from Target is our temporary TV stand. Once we mount the TV, I’ll reorganize the shelves and de-clutter all of the wiring.

The living room, or the family hub, is well on its way to being finished. Our fireplace and accent wall with the hung mirror look beautiful. But contrasted by this mish-mosh of a TV center, it doesn’t pop like it should.

Next would be to paint and re-organize the dining room. We have a nine-piece dining set that we want to accent with a dark navy wall with white wainscotting beneath.

IMG_0432.JPGI’m thinking a nice area rug beneath the table and white drapes will also add more visual interest to the room and make it a bit more formal. This look from Lowe’s Creative Ideas is what I’m after.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 10.01.20 AM

I love the contrast of the dark blue paint with the white wainscotting.

Finally, our BIG project would be the kitchen. The previous owners had black granite installed over the dark cabinets with a rustic brown tile backsplash. This room has one window so we really need something light to lighten the room.


(Don’t mind the mess – I was working from home and cleaning wasn’t an option.)

I’m a fan of subway tiling, so if I had my way (which I hope I do when talking to C), I’d do white subway tiling along the walls for the interim. Once we save some money, I’d replace the black countertops with something white. It doesn’t have to be granite, but if you’re going to go big, you may as well go with granite.


The white of the tile and countertops makes the cabinets look more premium.

So, now that I have my aspirations for what this house could become, I need to put in the work to get there. If only I could add 15 more hours to my days…

Until then, I’ll share more on our updates as we make them. Happy Spring, y’all!

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning and Reno Inspiration

  1. britestfyrefly says:

    Love the dining room concept. I have high hopes for our home of almost 2 years. We’ve managed to paint and add wood flooring to the first level. Now comes baby 2. So we’ll see how much more gets done.

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