Checking Off the Milestones

C’mon, kid. You are growing up way… too… fast!

I had a feeling E was going to take after her parents when she kicked me at all hours of the day and night in-utero. She bounced around in our first ultrasound at 10 weeks and never stopped moving during subsequent ultrasounds.

Well… that energy and enthusiasm certainly has not stopped.

E, currently two days shy of her sixth-month of life, is already being a Type-A, overachiever baby and checking off her “Baby Milestone List”:

  • Smiling at us at five weeks
  • Cooing/talking at six weeks
  • Standing (with assistance, of course) at nine weeks
  • Rolling from belly to back at 13 weeks
  • Reaching for and grabbing at items at 16/17 weeks
  • FIRST TOOTH at 18 weeks
  • SECOND TOOTH at 21 weeks
  • Holding and passing items at 21 weeks
  • Rolling from back to belly at 25 weeks
  • (and now) Sitting up unassisted at 26 weeks

As a fellow Type-A’er, I’m uber-excited about her eagerness to learn and grow. But, seriously child, SLOW DOWN.


Sitting SO big. She’s really infatuated with her Boogie Wipes packaging.

This mom is not ready to see her bambina crawling, walking, and eventually running away from me. I’ve always been told to “slow down.” Whether it’s eating too fast, walking too fast, talking too fast — I always need a reminder to stop and smell the roses. But since having E? I can say I really have slowed down — but my rose doesn’t seem to share the feeling. *Sigh.*

Up next? More house updates!

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