“We’re Homeowners” (aka, “We’re Broke!”)

Guys. We bought a house.

Blue Door - Welcome

Casa de Longo (with the BLUE DOOR)

After 11.5 years of coupledom, multiple moves throughout Columbia, MO during our tenure at Mizzou, a starter (loaner) home off of Reavis Barracks, a cross-country trek to Houston and then short-term stay with the in-laws… we… have… A HOME!


When we moved back from Houston, we didn’t know what we wanted to do. We sought after cute gingerbread homes in South City STL to rent, but let’s be honest. Renting homes in STL is insanely expensive. Why? I really don’t know. You can get an 800 square foot home for $1,400. Really?


After a little nudging from our realtor, we realized maybe buying a house wouldn’t be so bad. Our budget could stay the same but instead we’d OWN the property. We could make whatever changes we wanted to — landscaping, interior, exterior, you name it. We nailed down an area that we loved. It’s central, quick access to highways, quick access to Grandparents, lots of convenient shopping and a great neighborhood.


We looked at maybe eight houses in the neighborhood before finding one that was perfect for us. After what our realtor called the “most negotiating she’s ever done on the price of a home” (we can thank my lawyer husband for that), we signed the contract and the house was OURS come mid-January, 2016.


So, we moved in and almost instantaneously the “To-Do List” started.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.21.03 AM

The ever-growing “To-Do List” is tracked via Google Docs so we can keep changing, crossing off, then adding again.

My poor father has been given a “hot list” every Friday that he babysits E because unfortunately C and I are NOT handy-capable people. Included on his list were replacing bathroom mirrors, light fixtures, assembling our office desk and baby’s nursery furniture, building our new grill, fixing the garage door motor, moving the garage door sensors, and on and on and on…


Though, I will say, C has made AMAZING progress on quite a few home updates. He and our friend Tony took down and painted the front door, they dug-up and replaced the mailbox and I pulled into the driveway one day to find C on the front-porch roof installing new shutters. Seriously, the outside is looking damn good (minus the landscaping). I’m really impressed with his newfound talents and I find myself giddy with excitement to see him eagerly walking around Lowe’s looking for “things we need” (like the $30 push broom…).


As we continue making progress on the house, I’ll be sure to share updates. We have lots of interior changes to make so I’m excited to post about our experiences with DIY-land.


Next up… BABY E.



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