Baby Bear E

If I had to sum up motherhood provided my limited time being a momma, I would quote my OBGYN when he said, “It’s the hardest job you will NEVER give up.”


C and I were newly married but I already had the baby fever. All of my beautiful friends and their hubbies were starting families and I had the itch something FIERCE.


When we made the move to Houston, we talked about it being a good time to consider starting a family. So… we did… and found out in the fall of 2014 that we were indeed pregnant (after one try!). We were ecstatic — we were going to be parents!


Unfortunately, God had other plans. Baby ‘Spike’ went to heaven after two months. I was devastated. I couldn’t shake feelings that it was something I had done. After a routine ultrasound we realized our little peanut had stopped growing and his/her little heartbeat couldn’t hold out. We said “goodbye for now, but not forever” on October 9th, 2014.


To learn to cope with the tragedy, we decided to name the baby. After initially finding out we were pregnant, my sister-in-law told us that our nieces and nephew had a few fun names for the baby. One was Jake (cute!) and the other was Spike. We decided that our baby was special, and that ‘Spike’ was a special name given to our baby by his/her family.


Despite being terrified to try again, we learned in early January 2015 that we were again pregnant. I had taken a test on a whim before a trip to New Orleans because I had been feeling particularly exhausted. I was truly shocked when the little stick was flashing “Pregnant.” I told C, he said, “I knew it,” and we began our journey.


It was impossible to hide the fact that I was only a FEW weeks pregnant when in New Orleans — the lack of drinking was a dead giveaway.

Fast forward to March 2015 and our second little gummy bear was the MOST MODEST little bean. The baby would hide their parts during every… single… ultrasound. While proud that my baby bear would be a good little teenager (we’ll see), we were BEGGING the baby to just give us a peek.


Finally at 17 weeks we saw what we needed to see. The doctor flashed a spot on the screen and said, “Yep, there is the vulva” (sorry, TMI to some). I immediately broke out in a smile and poor C just sat there staring at the screen. I then realized he had no idea what the doctor meant when he said the “v” word. I said, “C, that means it’s a girl.” He, too, broke out in a smile and immediately said, “I really thought it was a boy.” Just then Baby Girl stuck up the good ol’ middle finger. Sassy from the get-go.


“Eff you, Dad. I’m no boy.”

We then endured the heat of Houston while I grew and grew and grew. We moved back to STL at 33 weeks and I was fortunate enough to enjoy my last weeks of pregnancy resting at home with family and friends.


After routine visits, I started to get REALLY uncomfortable. At 38 weeks, my doctor agreed we could induce at 39 weeks and 3 days. I told baby every night that she could come on her own, or we would evict her.


As sassy as we knew she was (that girl would kick me at all hours of the day and night), she decided that 3 AM the day before her induction would be a good time to get things moving along. I labored for 15 hours total before Baby E made her arrival on September 17th – almost 24 hours exactly before we were to head into the hospital to start the induction process.


GOO! That there is a baby bump! 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant with Baby E.


Princess EKL

We lived with my in-laws for almost four months before moving into Casa de Longo. During that time, I stayed home with Baby E and loved on her as best I could. I was your quintessential “can’t put the baby down” momma. I loved the smell of her, I loved her delicate skin, I loved her sweet smiles. Shoot, I still love all of those things… even at 3 AM when she’s still waking up to feed.


Being a mother is exhausting — it’s mainly the fact that you absolutely put your child ahead of your own needs. “When did I shower last?” “Oh, this shirt has spit up on it? Oh well, no time to change.” “I appreciate the fact that you decided to poop yourself when I quite literally just snapped up your onesie from your last poop.” But I truly WOULD NOT FOR A SECOND give it up for anything in the world. It’s quite amazing how much you can love your little person. I feel like I’ve known her my whole life…


I could go on and on and on about this baby, but I’ll save it for another post. Until then…


“I could eat you up, I love you so.”

2 thoughts on “Baby Bear E

  1. britestfyrefly says:

    <3 I preggers with our Rainbow baby GIRL. She is due September 10th… We lost 3 children last year. I have only written about one. I still don't think I'm healed enough to share them with the world.

    She's beautiful.

  2. longoliving says:

    Thank you @britestfyrefly. Miscarriage is more than just a loss of a baby – it’s a loss for the family, for friends and for an opportunity. Praying for you!

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